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Site accidents, such as server damage, hacker attacks, to be in the shortest possible time to return to normal, the best way is to use backup data to recover. But most webmaster often can not every day on the site data backup, especially the school, many students do not have too much time to stare at their own site, so we recommend an unattended, through FTP automatically back up the site data method.

★ Easy to set up automatic backup

First step new FTP backup task

Download and run the "Green FTP data Backup" Download address:, click the "FTP Backup" button, select "New FTP Backup Task", will pop up the parameters set menu, Then set the FTP user name and password for the Web server. If it is a virtual host user, you need to fill in the space provider to provide the FTP account password; users who have their own servers need to create a new FTP user using the Serv program. In the domain name or IP address option, you can either fill in the domain name of the IP address you have already bound or set the IP address of the server directly. After the completion of the parameters, click on the "connection" press, if the FTP name and password is correct, will be connected to the success of the server prompts, so you can select the left side of the software need to back up the source directory.

To set up the Web site data to save to the local folder, in the target directory to select a larger space hard disk, and then create a special my folder can be.

Tip: If FTP is not connected, it may be because there is no reason to use passive connections. Passive FTP can solve the problem that data connection from server to client is filtered by firewall, but some FTP software does not support this way. If you cannot connect directly, you can select the Connect using passive mode check box.

Step two: Set up an automatic backup cycle

The site's parameters are set up, but also to set the time for automatic data backup, we can follow the type of site and data update settings, very convenient, you can choose any time for automatic backup. For a general site, a full data backup is sufficient for one weeks, just select the "Weekly" Radio box, and then set a time period such as "Monday" and the time to start the backup.

Tip: Backup plan cycle in seconds, can be set up at least once per second, so for the database and other important files, you can achieve real-time off-site backup function.

Third Step backup task options

After the backup cycle setting is complete, select the specific parameters. Switch to the other options menu to set the number of retries for a backup failure so that you can back up the operation when the error occurs.

After all of the above options are set, the software automatically backs up the site data once it is set up. Next we just set the software to start automatically, let it run automatically in the background.

★ Data Backup Advanced

Back up only updated files

In general, the site is not much updated daily, so if you download all the data is not only a waste of time, but also caused the backup data redundancy. We can configure the software to only back up the updated web site files. To do this, switch to the Copy rules interface and select the Copy modified files only check box so that the software will not be backed up and downloaded again.

Backup and Web site data synchronization


To ensure the accuracy of percentile data, to avoid irrelevant content. You can set the "Automatically delete files and directories that do not exist in the source directory" feature in the Copy rules interface, which automatically deletes additional files in the local backup folder. However, it should be noted that before enabling this feature you need to ensure that the local Web site backup folder is private, there are no other files, otherwise there will be mistakenly deleted files.

Backup Log for easy query

Web site backups are unattended, how do you know if the data is back up or not? Or is there something wrong with the backup item? The Software "BACKUP Log" feature provides the various log records of the backup, at the bottom of which you can see the system log, recovery log, failure log tab, which lists the specific data that the software is running, including all downloaded files. In this way, even if the person is not in front of the computer, through the site data backup can be informed of detailed running data.

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