Rain forest wind Open source operating system YLMF OS Installation Diagram guide

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How much does the user need for the OS? Mention this topic, we must have different opinions, such as the author's colleagues, will certainly say, to have the best compatibility, can support all kinds of testing software. As my friend, I would say, to be able to have the best integration, to experience all kinds of new games, but for more friends, using the operating system, or using a computer, more just to deal with some documents, forms, or in the leisure time to see movies, online chat and so on. Therefore, recently, the operating system is known as the Rain Forest Wind Studio, in the open source of the Ubuntu system on the basis of the user to create a dedicated personalized OS software.

This software is based on the Ubuntu 9.10 version customization, eliminates the common system software package, adds the Chinese language pack, increases the most commonly used application software, as well as the related support on-line use online tool, like WEBQQ, webmsn, Sogou cloud Input method and so on, At the same time, set OpenOffice3.1 Office software, convenient for us to handle all kinds of documents, tables, PPT content, coupled with the simulation of the interface effect, can basically meet the actual needs of users. After the release of the software, the author also conducted a trial experience in the first time.

YLMF OS operating system not only the interface to close to user habits, on the other hand, it also adds a Chinese package, integrated a lot of common software including Firefox,smplayer,amule, etc., to meet the user's daily use needs, do not worry you have never experienced the Linux system, YLMF os os simple enough to do it. Small series just tried once, the following and you share the use of experience.

Download the ISO file for the YLMF OS operating system, the volume is close to 700MB, I believe everyone will use the ISO file is not verbose, let us go directly to the installation program. The first step is to set the system language, select the installation disk and user name, and so on.

After the installation files are ready, formally enter the YLMF OS system installation interface.

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