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"Link bait" in the SEO external link construction has become a new round of focus. SEO experts have an interesting name for attracting import links by content: link baiting. Matt Cutts has recommended link bait in his blog.

I recommend the following 10 ways to create "link bait". Specific circumstances according to their own website situation, only on behalf of my type I plastic personal views, if there is similar, even if fate.

1. Network Soft text

The network soft text inserts the link is at present many SEO, the promotion personnel, stationmaster and so on choice. Because the soft text can be promoted in most of the time will not be judged as pure advertising and was edited, the administrator deleted. However, it is necessary to note that the link is not too much, and the article directly transformed into advertising.

2. Essay Activities

If you can not write a soft text, that may also essay, spend a small amount of money to buy link bait, in the "Universal Bo" web2.0 era, the essay should not be very difficult. However, if not special circumstances, do not SEO, webmaster, network promotion, such as the nature of the site essay, because you have to prepare to hear such as: You do not feel at ease to do stand, so little bonuses, have not heard of the organizers of such comments.

3. Export Links

Export link? Yes, you're right. If you can't impress the webmaster or SEOer by the essay, you can export the link. The reason is simple because they all have the habit of checking out the chain. And you have to do the temporary export, but do not guarantee long-term free links. By the way is in giving yourself an invisible advertisement.

4. Public Sponsorship

To some charitable organizations website sponsorship point Fee, they will do for your love links, and when the same caring people often find your sponsorship links, they will also feel that your site is worthy of respect. So your one-way import links are not limited to those sponsored public service sites.

5. Free Tools

If you have the time or ability to make a simple and practical free tool, not only in the download site can get links, and your tool upgrade will attract him to continue your site, as time passes he tired of Baidu, download station search to find your updated version. Add your site to your bookmarks or your own blog Favorites link.

6. Gifts

Why "6 free QQ, free Q-coins" so hot? Because Chinese netizens like free things, Chinese netizens overall income level is low, so you need to spend a small amount of money to send a few inexpensive gifts, but not a hair, but a regular release, so in order to be able to get the first time, They will frequently patronize your website, and when you release, they continue to QQ friends, forums, blogs on the publicity, and then a large number of links flocked.

7. News and information

If you understand cnnic and Internet applications. Watching news is the main internet application of Chinese netizens. Moreover, the search engine has a high frequency of capturing news and fast propagation effect. So you have to do when you find the industry news, the first time report, if you do not have the right to press, then the first time to comment, do not forget to insert the link, plus the words "starting" and so on. It is then sent to the Web site where the search news agreement was submitted (the site of the news agreement is visible next to the Baidu Index).

8. Hype Gossip

There is no more powerful link bait than Internet entertainment gossip. The internet has created a generation after generation of network reds, but others are watching reds, we have to study the "link bait." You can collect the star or the network celebrity data to write an analysis report, can also collect the star or the network Reds ' photo video to organize the album. Of course, if these conditions are not, you can write a "sister Furong, my favorite" such as hair to mop, Tianya.

9. Viral marketing

In the sale of products when marked: "Every buy a product, you will donate a penny to the Hope Project." And then through the referral, CPA, website alliance similar to Ali Mother's mode of virus marketing, propaganda of course is not Ali Mother's recommendation site but donate money to the Hope project.

10. Knowledge link

Baidu know, Sina Iask, Soso ask, Yahoo Knowledge Hall and so on the hot part of the reaction is people to understand the needs of knowledge, and part of the new unfamiliar nouns to understand. As this article covers the "link bait", "Matt Cutts", "Mars", "My Type I plastic" "Changsha seo" and so on. Of course you're prepared to be ready. To make the search results first, if you choose the first word has been replaced by the subject page, the choice of words there are problems.

Natural search engine optimization usually requires time and financial input, while many online companies do not do this preparation. In the most basic form, SEO has three major elements: technical optimization to ensure that content is indexed by the engine, content optimization to ensure that the directional words and phrases are indexed, establish links. But people often don't realize that the three main elements are interrelated.

If you are in a non-indexed content management system, the investment development is hidden in the content of the non search destination, you can get the general effect through the development link. In order to see your content, it must be for the search engine to see that must be made visible to the user.

In the same way, link development is primarily about creating link lures, but link lures work only with outstanding content that can be promoted through new and old marketing channels. You have to invest in content development, and you have to promote it.

Before you make a link development, understand how your site prepares for the service link development bait. To do this, we must understand what is the link bait.

Eric Ward, the familiar link Moses, describes the link bait as follows, "People often say the link bait, what I call the content." "In essence, the link bait can be anything you develop on the site that will help motivate people to take action on the link," he said. Internal links can be aggregated in a website, blog, forum, archival electronic newsgroups, image logs, product reviews, etc. The ultimate goal of the link bait is to bring higher traffic to the site and further improve the location of the targeted keyword or keyword group in the search engine. The question now is, do you really need to develop link bait?

Let's look at the obvious possibility of developing a link decoy. Using a link-worthy content as bait usually revolves around 6 different structures. There are news items, useful resources and entertainment content. Below, there are opposing points of view, confrontational attacks, etc.

News items can be adjusted to develop link bait. News items and newsworthy events can work well with global, regional, and especially local links. So first you ask yourself whether the site is a reliable source of current news and events for the service.

When users want to know what is happening in their communities, cities, provinces, countries, or globally, you get solid user traffic. But first, you have to provide content in a technology-optimized way.

You can't just build news and information channels within the site and hope the first link bait will be successful. This is why you should integrate WordPress or moveable type blog software in your website, if your CMS can not handle the optimization article program. As I said earlier, link development requires time and financial input before you decide what content needs to be developed to link bait.

Be aware that developing link lures is not simply putting an article on Digg's homepage. If every time you put an obvious news item on the site, you get 1,2,5 or 10 obvious links, and the articles work. Do not underestimate the role of legitimate link development activities. In many cases, getting several high quality links can help you get more effective links development goals, which is better than developing link lures every time you publish an article.

If the news or the event link bait is running within the site, don't hesitate to put the content on the homepage of the website. Providing news or event cues to the virtual community is an important way for you and your business to become active members of the real community. This is just a chance to integrate an opportunity with another channel and turn the links to the optimized online destinations.

Next time, we'll discuss several links to decoy activity as well as tips on developing the opposite content. Consider how news and events can be part of your overall link development strategy if you really want to develop some link bait.

(Original: August 26, 2009; Compiling: Song XI)

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