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An important feature of the Red Flag asianux Server 3 system is the provision of a web-based remote management tool--redmin that allows users to manage their systems safely and easily. Currently, the tool includes 11 system management and Network Service configuration modules with detailed help and instructions.

& ">NBSP; You can use Remote administration tools only after you have installed the Administrative Tools CD.

12.1 Startup and Shutdown Redmin

After installing the Red Flag asianux Server 3 Management Tools CD, the Remote Administration tool is loaded into the system. Normally, Redmin runs automatically after the system starts and shuts down automatically when the system shuts down. You can use the graphical RFSYSV management tool to manage the operation of the service (see section 3.4 of this manual), or you can manually start, close, or restart the Redmin service at the command line terminal.

#/etc/init.d/redmin Start Redmin

#/etc/init.d/redmin Stop off Redmin

#/etc/init.d/redmin Restart reboot redmin

12.2 Access to remote management interface

You can open a Web browser from any client that has TCP/IP connections to the server and type the following address and port in its address bar: (assuming server address is

When you enter, you can establish a connection with the remote administration tool for the server. Note: This uses HTTPS instead of HTTP, which means that data is encrypted using the SSL transport protocol, and the 6655 after the colon is the listener port number on the server. After you establish a connection with the server and accept the security certificate, the Login dialog box shown in the following illustration appears, requiring the user to log on.

Login interface

For security and operational permissions, only Superuser is allowed to use remote administration tools.

After you enter the root username and password, you can enter the Red Flag asianux Server 3 Remote Administration Tools home page as shown in the following figure.

Administration Tools Home Page

As you can see, the "System Management" and "service Management" two category labels are listed on the left side of the window, and the management and configuration tools included in it are listed after clicking on a category label. The System Management tab is open by default, and the Service Management tab is shown in the following illustration.

Service Management page

In the System Management or service Management page, select the tool you want to manipulate, and the administrative interface appears in the right window of the page. The following illustration shows a user-managed interface.

Remote user Management

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