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OCS earn so many years, the main is from the advertising alliance to earn advertising fees, but some of the alliance regardless of the webmaster interests, every day to cheat. Causes some stationmaster after tired long time to reach the payment condition, but the league played around, for a variety of reasons to protest advertising fees, even more, no reason to give, is not to pay advertising fees, the following I collected the worst reputation of the top five advertising alliances, exposing these alliances, For is to let those who do not know the truth of the webmaster to mention a wake up.

Worst Credit League:

The first Qi Run Advertising Alliance (

In doing so before, in the internet there is their negative news, after a look at their Alexa rankings, found within 100, thinking should not have too big problem.

They put on their advertising code, but in order to avoid being made excuses for not paying, so every time I update the code, I took the trouble to inform them, so I put the situation, Qi-run has been clear, it has done about 1 months or so, until the day before the Spring Festival found that the account was locked, landing tips " The page that you advertise is illegal, please revise to avoid withholding the advertisement Commission!

The quality of their after the defendant's poor flow, the account is temporarily locked, and said Commission will be normal distribution, please rest assured that customer service is also very polite. But the back of the matter, really and online said exactly the same, not only commission does not pay, even the link is not a series, customer service told me the day before, but until now, did not see him reply me a word.

Because the account is locked, the outstanding Commission is not clear how much, an estimated 1000 yuan a little more, here to remind you webmaster, although I was sly lucky to get one months commission, but do this shameless alliance, you earn a commission is not guaranteed.

For the brazen Alliance, the Internet disclosure for them has no matter, a new understanding of Qi Run Advertising Alliance, the Cheater Advertising alliance.

Http:// %f3

Hope stationmaster make money, Stationmaster chooses website advertisement Alliance must go to stationmaster forum to see more, more in Google search cheater advertisement Alliance



Second nine win ad league (

Now I come to reveal, really do not want to talk about this rotten ad league, did not give the ad commission also sealed my number!

Just last month, after applying for an account of these animals, put the ads on my website, where it has a window, often buckle the amount of our site, fake very, my website IP has 3000 PV 13,000, even if an IP access has 1000IP bar. But they show only 200, buckle into such, I really have no language, a day to earn them 10 yuan, did half a month, there are more than 100 income, can be sealed my number, what explanation did not say, I cheat? My site is a normal visit, and there is no person clicks, originally your advertising is very yellow.

I didn't cheat at all, apart me. Put to the Ming is to do advertising do not want to give advertising fees. Such a rotten nine win ad league, Crooks come. Others cheat and not to seal, I do not cheat is crazy. Advertisers are wasting money in the nine-to-one advertising league.

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