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In the Search engine classification section We mentioned the full text search engine from the site to extract information to build a Web database concept. The search engine's automatic information collection function is divided into two kinds. One is a regular search, that is, every once in a while (such as Google is usually 28 days), search engine actively sent "spider" Program, a certain IP address range of Internet stations to retrieve, once found a new site, it will automatically extract the site's information and Web site to join their own database.

The other is to submit web search, that is, the site owner actively to the search engine to submit the Web site, it in a certain period of time (2 days to several months) directed to your site sent "spider" Program, scan your site and the relevant information into the database, in case the user inquiries. As a result of the search engine indexing rules have changed a lot in recent years, unsolicited Web site does not guarantee your website access to the search engine database, so the best way is to get some external links, so that search engines have more opportunities to find you and automatically your site included.

When a user searches for information with a keyword, search engine will be in the database search, if found with the user requirements of the content of the site, then use a special algorithm-usually according to the page of the keyword matching degree, the position/frequency, link quality, etc.-to calculate the relevance of each page and ranking level, The links are then returned to the user in order, depending on the degree of relevance.

The search engine is the essential function of the website for "The convenience of the user using the website", and it is also "an effective tool to study the user behavior of the website". Efficient site search allows users to quickly and accurately find the target information, so as to more effectively promote the sale of products/services, and through the site visitor search behavior in-depth analysis of the further development of more effective network marketing strategy is of great value.

1, from the Network marketing environment, search engine marketing environment development for the promotion of network marketing plays a pivotal role

2, from the effect of marketing to see, many companies can use Network marketing is the use of search engine marketing

3, on the search engine marketing itself, he does not represent network marketing, he is only in the network marketing concept of network promotion has important significance

I think a lot of people are browsing the web or reading the newspaper is an interesting phenomenon found a lot of articles or reports in order to describe a news topic of high concern, often like to add such a word "conveniently in Google and other major search engines to enter a few keywords ' xxx ', search results have reached more than x pages." ”

By showing the number of pages in the search results to describe the heat of an event, such "writing" will have a promotional effect, it can indeed "thunder" pour a lot of readers. But every time I read that description in the news, I was skeptical. For example, a news report has such a sentence: "Reporters casually in Google typing ' signed employment agreement to get a diploma ', search results have reached more than 47,000 information. "So, I myself in Google and Baidu, the two major search engines and search the key words, to make a comparison, the final result did not put me" thunder. " Indeed, Google's search results "unexpectedly Tatsu" 513000, and Baidu's search results only show the relevant page 23.

If you take a closer look, Google's search results in more than 30 pages, the Long keyword has been divided into "employment Agreement" and "diploma" two phrases, there is no connection between the meaning of complete disconnection, the content of the Web page and the expected results are far from the point.

To this, Baidu related personage had explained, "Baidu pays attention to exact match, and Gu ge is still to be dominated by vague search, Baidu is the key word of long string, search result is more strict, the result quantity compared with Gu ge reduces." "Without considering the precise" validity "of these two search engines, if the same news report has been reproduced by many websites hundreds of times, so that the search out of the" fuzzy "results, do not know how many are repeating, the number of pages alone can explain what the problem? Moreover, there are a variety of BBS forums, Personal blog Writing and other lack of authority and empirical even with the "nonsense" of the Web pages are also being searched, such information collection and what persuasive?

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