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If you are reading this article you do not know what is "SEO blog", you may search in Baidu "SEO blog", the following let Ye Dehua to simply tell you Baidu encyclopedia for "SEO Blog" explanation. Baidu Encyclopedia will be "SEO blog" as a SEO optimization techniques in one, if this blog is the station in the form of words, then belong to the station SEO, if it is outside the station blog, then the station outside SEO. In general, Baidu Encyclopedia for SEO Blog explanation is more focused on the SEO optimization techniques, rather than focusing on SEO technology to explore and research blog. Ye Dehua in this article The SEO blog refers to those who focus on SEO technology exploration and research blog, the following into the text.


Leaf Tak Hua has been in contact with SEO for half a year, here refers to the contact with SEO, rather than engaged in SEO, because accurately said I never really engaged in SEO-related work, although participated in a systematic SEO training, but also know some simple white hat seo skills, But finally still feel that the SEO industry is not enough to fire like now, so finally inclined to give up a single SEO, and chose more other network marketing methods, such as soft marketing and so on.

In the beginning of contact with SEO, especially the lack of SEO knowledge, the first is in the forum to find fragments of SEO knowledge, and later because of the Forum's irrigation posts too much to find useful information is too difficult to give up this method. Then with a fragmented knowledge, participated in the SEO training, after that training can not say how good to learn, can only say that fragmentary knowledge systematized. After the training, want to get more timely SEO knowledge, then can only pay attention to the relevant SEO blog, yes, compared to the forum, SEO blog can indeed provide readers with more effective information.

In this time of more than half a year, has contacted hundreds of different types of blogs, including SEO blog, and finally my long-term focus on SEO blog only 3, recommended here for everyone, one is Lou blog, one is Shao Jun blog, there is an SEO every day a paste. One of the "SEO every day" has not been updated for a long time, although no longer updated, but I will have time to see, because Zac as the pioneer of domestic SEO, his article is still very worthy of repeated inquiry; Shao Jun Blog "Update is not very regular, but as the blog description tags written in that, this is a" focus on site optimization, search engine optimization (SEO) technology, Network marketing and website operation, such as SEO blog. " "Lou Blog" This is the webmaster sector is very well-known blog, the blog article update is very regular, so attracted a lot of readers. Shao Jun Blog and Lou Blog are concerned with the search engine, while paying attention to these two blogs, can play a certain amount of information interaction, so these two blogs I like more.

A few days ago to see Shao Jun wrote a "SEO blog why not update the" article, I seriously read a few, really good analysis, I also have some one-sided view. First want to say, "Ye Dehua Blog" is not a SEO blog, the title of the blog is written "Walk in the information age, record my information management Road", so this blog is a record of the blog, record my growth in the process of imprinting. If I am more concerned about SEO, then may blog will focus on writing SEO, if this period of time in the study of network marketing, then this period of time will be written online marketing articles. So, my blog does not have much industry relevance, just an interest, record, point of view, share of blog.

To come to the point, talk about my "SEO blog" view. Readers can go to Baidu inside search "SEO blog", then put in the top ten of the blog to read one, you will find a lot of problems, or the blog has not been updated for a long time, or blog is involved in the article is no longer very about SEO, or blog article homogeneity is very serious. Long not update, I one-sided think may be the blogger busy work, also may be really can't find the topic of writing, about SEO can write things is not too much, want to always pay attention to SEO write down really very difficult, so SEO blog article also more and more with SEO is not too much to do with, It is because SEO is not writing a lot of things, so the article homogeneity of the phenomenon is very serious. However, one thing to be sure is that the articles reproduced in the blog are usually marked with the original or reprinted statement, which is rarely seen in the forum.

I asked myself, SEO blog in the end What kind of blog? Put aside a lot of objectivity and subjectivity do not talk, I think SEO blog should be like this: bloggers should be interested in SEO-related industries, or are engaged in the work of the industry, and then bloggers are willing to share their experience and knowledge, Share your experience with your blog and let more people learn. The blogger is also a person who knows how to share, preferring to share information that is useful to the reader, rather than useless redundant articles. SEO blog can be used to make money, can be used for marketing, after all, bloggers also need to survive, but in the interests of making money, we must let readers get the same value information.

The above is my personal one-sided view of SEO blog, obviously there are many wrong places, but the person is an individual, not any point is comprehensive and correct, I hope that the future of the Internet will be more clean and harmonious, and SEO blog can go to a focus on learning, sharing platform.

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