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SEO College Two Group Lectures content Group number: 31285172

Theme: Website Promotion of peripheral products

: Proud Little White (399714022)

Time: June 9 8:30 P.M.

This group welcome everyone to join, all members of this group take turns to lecture, make everybody progress together. If you have your own site experience, welcome Lai Qun Guidance.

Contact: Vince (qq:778079) group number: 31285172

White (399714022) 20:16:08

today to talk about the site to promote the surrounding products.

White (399714022) 20:16:26

friends who have played games should know that there is a product on the network

White (399714022) 20:16:33

a special product

White (399714022) 20:16:40

Peripheral Products

White (399714022) 20:17:06

For example, the legendary legend has a legend around the little people necklace what the

White (399714022) 20:17:22

these things in fact we each ordinary webmaster can do,

White (399714022) 20:17:41

a lot of people worry about Web site no traffic, exhausted various methods

White (399714022) 20:17:52

finally made the station broken people poor.

White (399714022) 20:18:18

Today we are talking about the use of our website features to develop our peripheral products.

White (399714022) 20:18:27

There are two kinds of

White (399714022) 20:18:33

is a kind of reality

White (399714022) 20:18:38

another one is virtual.

White (399714022) 20:19:26

first to tell the reality, ADMIN5 has a website dedicated clothing. King Wang gave the dress to others as an award to the

White (399714022) 20:19:56

not to say how much this dress is, when you get this dress because of the award you will be more cherish

White (399714022) 20:20:03

and more glorious,

White (399714022) 20:20:10

you'll wear it

White (399714022) 20:20:24

and will like, oh, this is the effect of peripheral products

White (399714022) 20:20:45

did not know that everybody notices not, that dress is in the middle of the ADMIN5 website sign

White (399714022) 20:21:07

means you put on this dress and become a ADMIN5 advertiser

White (399714022) 20:21:27

for ADMIN5 free advertising, and you happy, Wang happy.

White (399714022) 20:21:32

both worlds.

White (399714022) 20:22:23

Many webmasters are afraid to try this peripheral products, oh, in fact, this effect is quite good, you may say you do not have so much money

White (399714022) 20:22:30

, I'll give you an account.

White (399714022) 20:23:08

a dress the general production cost of summer will not exceed 10 yuan, even if you completely at your own expense, then do the reward for the activity to give friends also spend not much money.

White (399714022) 20:23:44

design a suitable clothing of their own website, make it unique, perhaps more like you order,

White (399714022) 20:23:51

Of course this premise your site content should be good enough.

White (399714022) 20:23:56

cannot be a spam site.

White (399714022) 20:24:26

If your site has a lot of advocates, you can even let the manufacturers to support you, but also the world to sponsor

White (399714022) 20:24:56

then this money you do not need to go out, say don't you want to sell the words may still sell very well.

White (399714022) 20:25:26

Peripheral Products This concept is quite extensive,

White (399714022) 20:26:00

not only has the physical, of course, and virtual goods, such as e-books, electronic albums, videos, movies, software and so on, as long as you can hang up the name of your site, can be.

White (399714022) 20:26:24

each site has its own characteristics, each site should be able to make different features of their own products.

White (399714022) 20:27:18

Take the forum to say, every month admin can pick out the fine placard, edit a book, take a small software life into, a magazine OK, an ebook came, a beautiful album will have.

White (399714022) 20:27:46

then you only need to put this thing to the relevant site, there will be a lot of people like, because you are editing the boutique ...

White (399714022) 20:28:04

and you can imagine that if your content is good enough, the speed of your friends is very fast

White (399714022) 20:28:16

and the things on the web are persistent, permanent.

White (399714022) 20:28:35

as long as your content is legitimate, your text is healthy. should continue to spread.

White (399714022) 20:28:51

This is not a virus oh, but a bit like a virus is a MLM,

White (399714022) 20:29:09

As for the effect how do you imagine it should be understood, hehe.

White (399714022) 20:29:30

of course this surrounding content also have to ask webmaster and art friends to bother more.

White (399714022) 20:29:46

things do not out too much, such as booklet one months a volume is enough, the content should be good enough

White (399714022) 20:30:13

to have enough original, the content should be strictly audited, do not appear copyright problems, hehe,

White (399714022) 20:30:32

Well, let's talk so much today, thank you.

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