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Abstract: SEO is a need for confidence in the industry, really like the Premier Wen Jiabao in the 08 financial crisis when the words of confidence than gold is also important. Why do you want to talk about this? Because this is a very uncontrollable occupation or technology, in this society

SEO is a need for confidence in the industry, really like the Premier Wen Jiabao in the 08 financial crisis when the words of confidence than gold is also important. Why do you want to talk about this? Because this is a very uncontrollable occupation or technology, in this society some other technological changes will not be so big, and SEO this industry rapidly changing, yesterday good site may be gone forever today. Sometimes it feels like doing this requires a good mentality and affordability, sometimes I feel that I do SEO also more than three years, K station down the right to see a lot of, think that they are accustomed to, when their own a hard to use the normal way to optimize the site by the search engine k off, the heart is inevitably a bit unpleasant.

Especially for some novice webmaster, this is a big blow to the general do not do this line of people hard to imagine, the whole confidence system collapse, doubt what they learn is wrong. Later to optimize the site do not know how to start, in fact, when some things happen to us, the first time should be thought of is to analyze the reasons, rather than dizziness dazzling, lose due calm. A few days ago I was a website by the search engine K, all the kind of empty. I was a little frustrated the first time, but I think the first time is what the reason, recall this nearly one months of operation methods, it is impossible to violate.

And my this site was also before Baidu manslaughter once the home page, but two days after the home page will be back. The last time only k off the home page when I firmly believe that not half a month will come back, because I did not cheat. And inside the page also, general this kind of situation home need to make adjustment, do conform to the user experience adjustment, of course you have to analyze the reason first. So I analyze the reason is Baidu accidentally hurt, because Baidu error probability is very large, especially when some big update, this situation is very big, and my site is the Thursday big update (this aspect can see Chinaz webmaster tools to see). So I judged by the search engine after the injury, has not moved the site, waiting for recovery, and really did not two days to recover.

And this time Baidu to ruthless, incredibly k into 0, this also let a person a bit depressed. I still look at this point in time, we look at the picture above is exactly Friday, the time period before and after the big update. I still think I use the method is formal, there is no cheating, even if there is a problem is not to let Baidu to so ruthless, I think it should be accidental injury, this time I was really sit still, not the last time so light. Baidu complained about a bit, I wrote very real, do not know whether the people of Baidu have seen my heartfelt words. To restore my site, estimated that the possibility is very small, because we are not celebrities, not big sites, influence is not big enough, Baidu basically will not see.

And one more thing, Baidu may be a database error, may be the cause of the synchronization, because I found that although the site does not check any data, but Baidu Webmaster tools included in the collection are still in, and again before and after the big update, where there may be such factors exist. If the general situation K into 0 need to restore is at least three months, and I this site is only three days to recover. So I think that data synchronization is a big possibility, of course, I have a second set of methods, if my site does not recover two weeks, then the site for the revision, home page content for a comprehensive replacement, domain name jump to do not take the WWW, in the promotion when all do brand promotion.

These three reasons is this, content replacement let search engine afresh, of course, if you are qualified, you can also adjust the original site structure, so that it as far as possible with the original site, so that the search engine will be treated again. Domain name to do 301 jump is completely reborn, because this is a brand new domain name, if the search engine restore you with the WWW domain name will be transferred over the weight. Brand promotion is to do the demand, so that the search engine feel useful to the user is valuable, this will shorten its recovery time, there is a point, if the site is k into 0, then must not hold too much hope, because Baidu is extremely uncontrollable, do not know when you restore, if you are relying on this to eat then it is dangerous.

So we have to have two hands to prepare, can be prepared to build a new station, because the restoration of an old station and do a new station is the same, may make a new station more reliable. But for the advice of the novice or if you really think that you did not cheat was accidentally injured, to Baidu complain about a chance, dead horse when live horse medicine, but do not hold too much hope. The site is K if you think you did not cheat, it is best not to move, observe a two. If there is no hope, then use another program it, this year to do everything have to have hands, I hope this article can be a reference to the vast number of novice seo.

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