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Now some of the mainstream products and services on the Internet seem to have done rotten, many are occupied by some large companies, the competition is very fierce, for us personally, need to find a certain amount of search on the network and can be profitable products is not so easy, many products are either too big competition, individuals can not enter, or the profit is too thin , not suitable. Whether the internet has no personal living space? In fact, a niche market is just for individuals, very suitable for individuals to operate on the network.

What is the niche market

It is the market that large companies ignore or cannot enter, that is, the competition is very small, exist between big company gap.

Niche market is the service of a specific group of people, the target is relatively strong, niche products, the smaller the competition will be small, for the country's market is still very large.

For an example to understand the niche market

For example, clothing is a popular product, we can subdivide, there will be many niche products

• Sell special size garments, super large, super fat, super long type

• Exclusive Couples suit Clothing

• Monopoly Military Clothing

• Exclusive Maternity clothing

• Proprietary anti-auxiliary shooting clothing

• Custom-tailored clothing, such as printing photos on clothing

• Foreign-style clothing

Ii. how to find niche products

Look for products we can not blindly search, here little black elder brother teach you the easiest way to find skills, Taobao and Alibaba to find, according to a number of classifications, to subdivide, there will be listed a lot of subdivision and small areas of products, there are many may not have heard the words, so there are a large number of niche products waiting for you to dig.

Whether a product is suitable for individual operation, please follow the following points to check

• Products preferably have a certain index, indicating a certain user needs

• If there is no index, require a very high profit of products, at least hundreds of per order

• Baidu has a promotion, indicating a certain commercial

• Competition to small, Baidu home no big stations occupy, at least three or four content pages exist

1. Components

Some parts or components of a popular product, are often small competition niche products, such as Mercedes-Benz is a popular product, but Mercedes-Benz car logo is a niche products, some Mercedes-Benz owner's logo damaged or stolen, there are these needs, although this situation is relatively rare, But the global market is still very big.

2, subdivided products

For a common product, in-depth subdivision, so that can meet the needs of a specific group of people, this is also a niche products, such as clothing is popular products, we subdivide, couple dedicated, military-specific, pregnant women special, there are special crowd-specific clothing, these are the face of a particular crowd of niche products.

3, the unpopular industry

Some specific industries, themselves know less people, and for some unpopular industry products, search volume, the competition is very small, so almost all niche products, very easy to operate, in the small black brother of a student, there is a student specializing in urea-formaldehyde resin additive products, the field is absolutely unpopular, the competition is absolutely small, He only uses a simple blog and advertising way to almost monopolize all the target words and long tail words, although the daily traffic is only single-digit, but every year a good tens of thousands of of income.

Third, niche target word + niche long tail word = monopoly niche market

Niche products themselves small competition, the user group is relatively small, so we have to do the first, but also to occupy all the Baidu home page position, on the network to occupy an absolute monopoly position, so that the entire niche market is your monopoly, you can do the bigger.

For niche product operation strategy, we want to the search engine's first screen all occupy, so follow the following two steps

1, use the homepage to optimize the target keyword of niche products

Use tools to tap all the long tail words of niche products, and then sift out 3 index, competitive keyword layout to the site title, using the way home page to conquer niche products key words.

Like the long tail of the word urea-formaldehyde resin.

2, the use of high weights to occupy niche products long tail keyword

Other Long tail keywords, we write a good original article, in the article Layout long tail keyword, the most important thing is to have their own advertising information and contact methods, and then to some of the high weight of the site, different long tail words on the basis of the long tail words to write related articles, so the use of high weight station can almost occupy all the niche products long tail words.

Target customers as long as the search for any relevant keywords, are pointing to your advertising information, so the absolute monopoly position.

Lock niche market products are also the future of SEO to make money hot, so we need to preempt their own territory, for the future career lay the foundation.

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