SEO Optimization in the website has always been the focus of many seoer issues

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Absrtact: SEO optimization has always been the focus of many seoer issues. For novice Seoer, the site's internal optimization is always a difficult to unlock the secret. But the more they do, the more they can inspire the interest of many seoer. Perhaps this is the SEO from

SEO optimization in the site has always been the focus of many seoer issues. For novice Seoer, the site's internal optimization is always a difficult to unlock the secret. But the more they do, the more they can inspire the interest of many seoer. Perhaps this is the SEO are engaged in website optimization business must have the ability. I am also engaged in SEO, although successfully optimized a few sites, but to say to do the site internal optimization or a smattering. There is a saying in the line: "The station to do within the chain, small stations do outside the chain." It can be understood that for large web sites, the internal optimization of the site, through its powerful resources in the station integration, to achieve a good keyword search performance. For small stations, limited content in the site optimization process, outside the chain is a small station to improve the weight of the strong guarantee. So, the station does not do internal optimization? The answer is No. In fact, small industry sites, internal SEO optimization is equally important, but it needs the continuous enrichment of internal resources in order to play its energy. The author based on his own experience and analysis of excellent cases on the network, summed up a few industry web site SEO optimization experience. For user Reference!

For the industry site, it is the purpose of the website through the platform to achieve product sales. Then, through a series of network marketing means, to improve the visibility of the industry site and website traffic. Search engine is an important way for Internet users to obtain information and information, and it also conforms to the habit of people accessing the network environment. Therefore, the search engine site can be developed quickly, SEM marketing in such an environment, should be adapted to the needs of the network era. And through the search engine optimization to promote the industry site, to enhance the site traffic is a more recognized industry web site a promotion channel. Optimize the promotion, can realize the industry website low cost promotion and high flow conversion.

In the Industry site optimization promotion, the site's internal optimization is usually for the entire site layout, keyword settings and code simplification. These are some common sense problems. Now we are going to focus on the focus of the internal optimization of the industry website (I think that includes three aspects: 1, the website homepage optimization; 2, the Website product column optimization; 3, the Website News column optimization. )

1, the homepage of an industry website is the portal of the website, is the network user comprehensive understand the entrance of the website, his optimization is related to the website core keyword rank cannot be neglected. Home optimization to fully consider the site's user experience and search engine friendliness. As much as possible to make the site's important information on the homepage of the site to carry out a comprehensive display. At the same time taking into account the site search engine optimization, the site home page needs to be reasonable to set the site keyword appears in the article and what kind of link strategy to take.

2, the site's product display page internal optimization. Product page can be said to promote the industry Web site traffic transformation of the key page, the content of product pages detailed, real can improve the trust of network users, promote product sales. At the same time, but also to do a good job of product page link navigation, on the one hand: do a good job of product page link navigation, and user-friendly network users to operate the site, so that the network users have a good experience of operation. On the one hand: the optimization of internal links with the site, good product links, can improve the site product also face weight, for the Product class keyword optimization is very good. And what kind of product keyword once a good ranking, can bring accurate traffic to the site.

3, the Website News column optimization. Continuous update of website news, not only can enrich the content of the site, at the same time targeted through the News page keyword anchor text chain (for example, the core of the homepage of the key words to do anchor text link to the home page, you can effectively improve the weight of the home page, improve the site's core keywords in search engine rankings).

In general, the site internal optimization not only to do the overall layout, but also in the local page to pay attention to its internal link optimization. This is to improve the site keyword rankings, but also to do a good job inside the site SEO optimization and improve the site's user experience. It can be said that the site's internal optimization is the site to improve the conversion rate indispensable work.

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