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Absrtact: For many years engaged in SEO veteran, ranking is not the hardest, the hardest is how to improve the transformation of the site. This difficult point is the real difficulty, because the technical aspects of SEO do a few years to a certain extent, although the search engine constantly change, after all, amplitude

For many years engaged in SEO veteran, ranking is not the hardest, the hardest is how to improve the transformation of the site. This difficult point is the real difficulty, because the technical aspects of SEO to a certain extent, although the search engine constantly change, after all, the range is limited, for the old bird is very easy to find out its laws. But this may be a problem for everyone in terms of transformation, which is related to a lot of things outside of SEO technology. Related to customer service, you have to understand your products, understand your customers, understand your industry, understand the needs of users. Only in this way can design a good page, layout good page and other factors. Of course today is not to talk about conversion rate, to talk to everyone is to do the optimization of the site need to do a conversion rate page.

May be a lot of people think that only do bidding when you need to do a bidding page, but also some people think that the conversion rate page does not meet the SEO so even think about it. This period of time I was the conversion rate this problem stumped, optimization is not much of a problem, the ranking of each site is escalating, the flow is also step by step. But the conversion rate did not follow up, we know that more traffic, keyword Rankings no change you have no food to eat. So the recent period of time is also constantly thinking about this problem, the conversion rate of the three most important factors in turn, the flow of precision-page display-customer service. We do SEO can control the first two customs, I think the 1th I have done.

The key is this 2nd, in fact, optimization and bidding is a little conflict, very few people can make the relationship between the two is very harmonious. The marketing site is not good to do optimization, optimization will increase the difficulty. Optimization of good without marketing, visual impact is not so strong, not to allow users to buy immediately the impulse, or art, the display can not give people the atmosphere, the official strength of the appearance. I think in this respect may only be a compromise, that is, in the optimization of the site to hang an internal page as a conversion rate page, so as to enhance the conversion rate. In the home more conspicuous position to do a picture link, link to this conversion rate of the page.

In fact, the optimization will also have a role in promoting, if your conversion rate page is very consistent with the user experience, users stay in your site for a long time, out of very little, the user experience has also been promoted. But you can't just make something that's not valuable to the user, it makes the user look attractive, but it doesn't solve any real problem. Users read this page to understand your basic situation will not come to the second time in trouble, I think in this respect many people in the conversion rate page when there is a misunderstanding. In the conversion rate of the page when the emphasis on the strength of the company, I hope that users to quickly deal with the user can not get the real value of things.

The author in the design conversion rate page when added an investment analysis and return form, at present, we have no one in the industry to do better, I made a standard in this respect, more reference. Because users in the selection of a product is unavoidable to compare with peers, compared to have data. Every time when you open a page, you will come to our website this page to compare with the user. So our web page becomes a valuable web page, and no longer for the single transformation, but also to provide users with value, in terms of user needs and value we will be in the conversion rate page to do more such valuable content, increase the stickiness of users, so that the promotion of optimization is quite strong.

At present, this method is being tested, according to the data of these days, the consultation rate slightly improved, I believe it is very useful. We will make a further improvement in this area and I firmly believe that this direction will not be wrong. There will be more data accumulation and experience accumulation in this direction in the future, but everyone from now on should have such a concept, that is, when doing a transactional web site needs to create a Web site in line with user needs, the user has a value of the transformation page, not only can promote sales, but also promote transformation, This is for two birds.

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