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For small and medium-sized enterprises or businesses involved in E-commerce platform, the rental of IDC company's server has a certain advantage. First of all, worry, do not need to bother users, and secondly, there are preferential prices. So how do you pick the right server? What do you need to pay attention to when you hire IDC's servers? I am not, briefly summed up a few points, only for reference.

A formal IDC company first document to complete, followed by IDC Room has a certain resource share. For the official IDC in the telecommunications room only a few cabinets and has dozens of cabinets of IDC company, the two sides must be a gap, and the gap is not small. From the room of the resource share can be seen a IDC company's size, according to the time to work in IDC this line can see the IDC Company's qualifications. Service customers, so the relative IDC experience in this area, encountered some problems can be leisurely solution, can grasp the key to customer problems and better service delivery. Always can't a simple network problem also pondering for a half-day, can't find the focus, wasted half a day still do not know the reason out where. So if you choose to rent IDC's server, then to ensure that the company, whether it is the server's hardware or network, etc. must have a certain ability to solve, otherwise rented what? Rental is for the sake of convenience, if the machine hardware problems and customers to solve the problem why talk about renting?

Many people see the ads of some companies, such as "Suzhou leased the server year to pay the title", "managed to send Server" and so on. There is a question, that is, I want this server property right or not good property rights? This depends on the requirements, if you only need to use the server for a year or even shorter, of course, it is not good property rights, because the general IDC company to provide rental servers are paid only to send property rights, is equal to buy a brand-new server for the customer, Suzhou le Tuo data Center is this kind of operation method, buys brand-new server for the customer, the property right belongs to the customer, and provides the Trusteeship service of one year. If the use of the server for the short term, then it is best not to property rights, why? Because the server is devalued, the price of the hardware market is not small, so if only short-term business then there is no need for property rights.

If you intend to use the server for a long time, and you want to have a certain business on the Internet, then choose to send the property of the server is more cost-effective, why do you say so? For example, the new server lease in the R410 Data Center provides the brand server for small and medium-sized Enterprises Dell, standard one Xeon Quad Core cpu,4g ECC DDR3 memory two 146G SAS 15000 rpm drives If the annual payment of property rights is about 17,000 of the price, if not to send the title of the words at least more than 10,000, rental does not send property rights means that I am 10,000 this year, then next year, the cost is 10,000, and this price will not be low, why? Because of this brand server, such a configuration itself rents the price will not be low. The cost of renting for two years is more than 20,000. If you choose to property, then the first year price 17,000, which contains the server costs and hosting costs, wait until the second year is not rented but turned into a managed, managed 1U in the South Street room as long as 5000, which means two years spent 22,000. And there is a brand server owned by their own, do not send property rights two years to spend 20,000, choose to send property costs 22,000 and there is a server for their own all, I think how to choose not to let me say more, and the more years the greater the gap.

It is worth mentioning that the server rental charges and server configuration and the computer room is a great relationship, the higher the relative price of the configuration, the environment, bandwidth, as well as the stability of the room itself, the cost of hosting is not low, so that is not just for cheap is good, bad money spent, machine configuration is not only low and all day is not the problem is that the problem, the user trouble, IDC company also trouble, so that according to their actual needs to rent the appropriate server, choose a good IDC company is a very happy thing, their own worry, and enjoy the service is also thoughtful. Hope that the majority of network management and webmaster to find the appropriate IDC business, rented to the appropriate server.

Credit Casting brand, service decision success or failure----Suzhou Lotto Data Center-Xu Haiting

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