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Webmaster are aware that the site is attached to the server hardware above, a host, space is the site to survive the home, then the performance of the server will also affect us to do the effect of SEO? How does the server and the virtual host affect the operation process and result of the SEO? Small series today one by one for your detailed server host and SEO have to say things!


The first thing we want to understand is the most serious impact of the situation, for us these grassroots webmaster, the site is K is undoubtedly the most unwilling to see one of the phenomena. From this: Web server and even the entire IP segment by the search engine punishment is also the most serious. Although this kind of phenomenon is very few, but we still need to have a certain understanding, in case of later encounter this situation, timely remedial action. Generally, the black hat owners rented a whole set of servers, the site of their own cheating on the same server, this will lead to the entire IP and server was uprooted. Once this happens, only a timely replacement of the host and IP can save the site.

Then about the server settings to facilitate the search engine spider smooth crawling, and some services will prohibit search engine spiders crawling and crawling, then this kind of server is not conducive to our vast number of SEO webmaster. Server stability and the above mentioned server settings have a lot of the same support, that is, unstable server will cause spiders can not crawl, resulting in your site is not updated for a long time, and finally by the search engine forgotten.

From the user experience degree, the server's running speed also occupies a large proportion, because an ordinary netizen to visit your site to find your site open faster than the snail is still slow, so the site will have user viscosity, the answer is no. And from the point of view of our webmaster, we design the site and so on, although it can be done locally, but some small code changes such as basically in the server above, the site's day-to-day maintenance and security processing are carried out on the server, our own server open speed is not smooth, The use of not fluent words will also lead to our webmaster aversion mentality, such a server is not suitable for you webmaster.

Now most of the Web site is a CMS system, with a variety of databases. Whether the server supports URL rewriting is also a key point, we all understand the static site page easier to do site optimization, so whether the dynamic URL to write static, which is also the majority of the webmaster need to consider one of the factors. And the cost of the server and kind of choice, these problems are different from person to person, some stationmaster may bear the ability to be higher, the fund is also quite sufficient, some stationmaster capital is limited, but want to use good server, small make up here to remind everybody, do not covet a little cheap, and rent some rubbish server I'm afraid you're the last one to regret this.

Good Foundation to build a high-rise, I hope everyone in the choice of server time to use a little more thoughts, this kind of website optimization can be said to be more than half the effort. Today small make up share so much! (article from: please keep original link!)

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