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& ">nbsp; The server, as the node of the network, stores and processes 80% of the data and information on the network, so it is also called the soul of the network. To make an image of the analogy: the server is like a post office switch, and computers, notebooks, PDAs, mobile phones, such as fixed or mobile network terminals, such as scattered in the home, a variety of office space, public places, such as telephones. Our daily life with the outside world, the work of telephone exchanges, communication, must pass through the switch to reach the target phone; Similarly, network terminal equipment such as home, the computer in the enterprise Internet access, access to information, communication with the outside world, entertainment, must also go through the server, it can also be said that the server in the "organization" and "leadership" These devices.

It is a network of a variety of services for client computers, high-performance computers, under the control of the network operating system, its connected to the hard disk, tape, printer, modem and a variety of dedicated communications equipment to the network to share the customer site, but also to provide network users with centralized computing, Information Publishing and data management services. Its high performance mainly manifests in the high speed computation ability, the long time reliable operation, the formidable external data throughput ability and so on.

The composition of the server is similar to the computer, there are processors, hard disk, memory, system bus and so on, they are specially formulated for specific network applications, so the server and the computer in the processing capacity, stability, reliability, security, scalability, manageability and so on are very different. In particular, with the progress of information technology, the role of the network more and more obvious, the data processing capacity of their own information systems, security and other requirements are more and more high, if you are in the process of e-commerce by hackers stolen passwords, loss of key business data; If you can't access the ATM You should consider the behind-the-scenes commanders ———— servers in these device systems, rather than blaming staff for their quality and other objective conditions.

A lot of webmaster after making the first bucket of gold, purchased the server, ready to do strong, Zennai Baidu do not do the United States, large-scale K station, helplessly watching the flow down, and some stationmaster bought a better server, the old server idle, or selling point space, Zennai space more and more worthless, 1G of space to pay only dozens of yuan, Many people are too expensive. In terms of investment, the pursuit of profit maximization is our goal. In fact, the server is not only to do the site, but also to do a lot of things, as far as I know, I think the use of server spare resources to do callback services or VoIP services is very good.

First of all, the callback server, now used the most extensive callback phone program is Poubeau company developed Poubeau callback system, the system has long been cracked, and now can be downloaded everywhere, installation space as long as dozens of M space, plus a daily log 100M space enough. But now there is a special call back to the server leasing business, is generally a monthly rent of 300 yuan ~500 yuan, of course, the callback server may have to occupy a certain bandwidth, but to rent callback servers are relatively small callback operators, their users are limited, I have seen a rental callback server installed 12 sets of callback system. And as a small callback operator, because of computer technology is weak, fewer users, the purchase of a separate server is not cost-effective, so this should be mutually beneficial things.

Besides VoIP server, VoIP server is callback server's superior, callback server landing is from the VoIP server docking, VoIP server in addition to docking, but also docking terminals, is the word, software network phone, in fact, many people have used Skype, Some people have used uucall and so on, a period of time before the popular can show any number of the network phone, but is a use of passing through the landing just, in fact, the price of a pass through the landing only 6 minutes, sell a 1 cents a minute a lot of people buy.

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