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Thunderbolt using the multi-resource Hyper-Threading technology based on the grid principle, the network can exist on the server and computer resources for effective integration, constitute a unique Thunderbolt network, through the Thunder network of various data files can be transmitted to the fastest speed.

Multi-resource Hyper-Threading technology also has Internet download "> Load balancing function, without reducing user experience, the Thunder Network can balance server resources, Effectively reduces server load.

September 07, the Thunderbolt fully support the download of the Mule, its biggest feature is the fast download speed, but also support more intelligent features. As a matter of fact, everyone has found that more downloadable resources can be found on the mule, and even more unpopular resources can be found. But it is very slow to download, sometimes often download not down, can only look at the "anxious." Now the new version of Thunderbolt 5 solved such a problem, the "Electric Mule Download Slow" History is always written in the annals. Really fully promote the Netizen "Fast and good download"!

The disadvantage is that compared to the memory, generally you will be the Thunderbolt configuration "disk Cache" set the larger (naturally also better protect the disk), then the memory will take up a lot more, there is too much advertising, I think as long as the Thunderbolt will improve these two, then the Thunderbolt would become very successful.

ADSL users in the domestic bandwidth is generally 1M, 2M, 3M, the theoretical download speed is 128k/s, 256k/s, 384k/s. The burst speed will be higher.

If the user in the download speed can reach the theoretical value that is absolutely cool, but some friends reflect that they have never reached this download speed, what is the reason? Is it the Thunder software problem? Or is your grade too low? Or do you suspect that your computer is poorly configured?

As long as the Thunderbolt resources are no problem, the new version of the Thunderbolt is absolutely able to achieve this download speed, for ADSL users, do not doubt the software problems of the Thunderbolt. As for the level, think it is just fun, generally do not land mined area automatically search resources are not used. As for the computer configuration problem, I think there is no 286 now ~ So, hardware is not the problem.

Here are a few simple ways to improve your download speed, and if the effect is obvious, you can top this post.

1. Do not install the Thunderbolt in the system partition: The system partition is the "Lair" of the Windows operating system to scan this partition for every task you perform. Thunderbolt default installation is the system partition, installation can be installed to other partitions, you can at a certain level to avoid the impact of system stability and improve the speed of the implementation of Thunder. Ditto, the default download directory is also not specified in the system partition.

2. Modify the number of system TCP connections: For security reasons, Windows XP SP2 limits the number of TCP connections to 10, but it affects download speed and has a greater impact on BT downloads. Thunderbolt with "19803.html" >XP system Optimization Tool (in the Thunder "Tools" menu), recommended to change the maximum 1024 after the computer restart.

3. Optimize the configuration Thunderbolt parameters: In the Thunderbolt configuration items, disk cache not too large, too general to occupy more physical memory, will also affect the system's execution speed, recommended memory 512M below the user settings below 4096K. Threads are also fully open.

4. Do not drive too many tasks, preferably less than 3 concurrent tasks.

5. Close the "Download the Virus Detection option": Kaspersky real-time monitoring enough to cope with downloads and downloaded files. Under normal circumstances, the film is not a virus, with most of the virus is RAR, exe format files, it is recommended that experienced users can turn off "download the virus option." This option only drags the system on multiple file downloads, and other anti-virus software users can consider shutting down.

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