Several ways to relocate MySQL database and possible problems

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Do the site will inevitably be relocated, and in the relocation of the site, the most important and most troublesome work is undoubtedly the relocation of the database, because once the database file is lost and deleted the source of backup, the site will face the disaster, your efforts will be destroyed. So what are the current methods of moving the database, and what can be the situation? Let's discuss it together.

One: by phpMyAdmin backup you'll find it troublesome to restore.

Many webmaster feel that the MySQL database is through the phpMyAdmin in the management, with phpMyAdmin backup should be very safe? So excitedly into the phpmyadmin, regardless of the export of the choice of txt, or RAR format, also whether or not to segment backup, Do it all at once, so it's always safe? But one to restore will be silly eyes, the original through the phpMyAdmin exported backup files can only be restored through the phpMyAdmin software, and at this time you will find that the largest software only allow restore less than 2M backup source, trouble? You can't find a way to break your head, can you?


1: If the site data less than 2M can be directly back to restore;

2: If the data is too large backup files, there are two ways to solve, the first is a segmented backup, in the phpMyAdmin backup option to set the size of each backup file is not more than 2M, the second is in the Restore space phpMyAdmin modify the software source files to set, There is no size limit for restoring files, and methods can be searched online.

It should be said that this kind of backup method is relatively troublesome, and need to buy their own servers or VPS, otherwise there is no relevant permissions, generally do not recommend the choice.

Second: Through the Web site program with the function of Backup restore site display connection error?

Now use to MySQL database everyone in the extensive use of the Web site program has Dz,pw,dede, these programs have backup restore function backstage, because it is the function, compatibility, convenient and quick, 1 is widely selected, But most of the new webmaster will encounter a common problem: the new space allocation of the database name and password and the original database data fundamentally different, even the Web site procedures are not in the background, which also talk on the restoration?

Solution: In strict accordance with the site program instructions to relocate, you can reinstall the Web site program, and then into the background to choose to restore the saved backup files to restore, at present all the mainstream program advocates this method.

Third: Through the backup Wang and other software to backup the foreground?

Backup King and other software backup is most of the old webmaster choice, this method is convenient and fast, as long as the upload backup software to space step-by-step operation can be, but many people just contact backup Wang software users to restore a problem: Because the new old Space database username and password is not uniform, The Web site file packaging because there is no modification of the connection file, restore the database is good, but the front desk will prompt the database connection errors, the site can not open the situation.

Solution: Learn to modify Web site configuration files, mostly by config and data.php files to control, the connection information in these files set to the correct connection information, to avoid the site can not open.

Four: Copy files directly in the MySQL folder lazy has hidden trouble

Some independent servers and lazy webmaster like to go directly to the server's MySQL folder under the Data folder to find the database file copy and then paste into the new space. This has a big disadvantage: the backup of the target database if you are using the copy, paste into the new space MySQL folder after the database will be an error.

Solution: We do not advocate such relocation of the database, the reliability is not high.

Looked at four kinds of common MySQL database relocation methods and possible problems, you are not familiar with the feeling it? It's possible that we've all had some kind of situation, read the article today do not know if you have a clearer idea of the relocation of the database? Huaian Talent Network (http:// to remind you that the site is our painstaking efforts, the database is the soul of the site, the relocation database must be extremely careful, and finally cautious to everyone a piece of advice: in the database is not completely intact to restore to the new space, do not delete the original server database files, Otherwise the problem can't make up for you will regret!

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