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It is reported that China's leading interactive entertainment media Enterprise Shanda Network recently to IBM, Hewlett-Packard and other companies to purchase a quantity of up to 1200 servers. Shanda's big "pay" has opened a new round of updates to its nationwide servers.

It is understood that Shanda is the industry's earliest, is currently the largest set up its own server Internet service provider. So far, Shanda has set up nearly 20000 servers nationwide, the Internet backbone bandwidth of about 80GB. Shanda spent nearly 400 million yuan.

"Shanda is a service-oriented company, the user experience is the highest goal of the grand pursuit." Not only in the server, in recent years, Shanda in the Customer service center construction and user information management software system, billing system, security system development and purchase and other aspects of continuous investment is also very large, and are equipped with the world's top companies products. "said Zhuge, a grand spokesman.

In the eyes of Microsoft, IBM, HP and other providers, Shanda has become accustomed to the practice of "willing to spend money" for users. 2008 first quarter results showed that the grand quarterly income has exceeded 100 million U.S. dollars, become the most profitable online games company, at the same time, Shanda in the infrastructure and service software construction investment is also "no mercy", the industry's first. According to incomplete statistics, Shanda has invested 820 million yuan in this area in recent years. But due to good management and management, the last two years, the grand operating profit margins remain at a high level of 40%.

"In the user, Shanda never saves money." Zhuge said.

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