Shanghai Webmaster Association June 30 announced the official establishment

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June 30, Shanghai AdSense Third party committee in the host unit Tai Chi Alliance, the Joint Unit of China Network and marketing planning agencies to support the multi-party, the third phase of Shanghai webmaster meeting as scheduled. To the organizers of the expected, by the site staff statistics, a total of 102 participants.

in this gathering, the founder of Shanghai AdSense Party Yuga New (Party) officially announced the establishment: Shanghai Webmaster Fraternity! In front of 102 peers, Yuga New the latest fraternity logo with Wang, who has considerable clout in the IT world.

Broken cocoon of butterflies, Shanghai Webmaster Party finally has its own formal ownership, and Shanghai Webmaster Network jointly belong to Shanghai webmaster fraternity two 115.html "> Service platform."

Mr. Wang Changwei, of
's first survey network, took part in the gathering and released the first post of the fraternity, which was very sincere, and it was the people of the fraternity who wanted to express their heartfelt wishes, which are summarized below:

in the third Shanghai Webmaster Party, one side announced the completion of the Shanghai Webmaster Fraternity, heartfelt congratulations!

sincerely thank the party for their efforts and hard work, thank all for the fraternity to pay efforts and help friends!

hope the Shanghai Webmaster Association better, and can be long run.

for Shanghai webmaster Fraternity, a few personal ideas:

1 is very supportive of this kind of organization and activity, because the webmaster in Shanghai needs this kind of communication very much.

only exchanges can make progress together, only cooperation can win. Closed development will only make the road more and more narrow.

2, for profit: should be for the purpose of public goods, commercial transport to do.

Must take the public welfare as the goal, can have the long-term vitality, the crowd picks up the firewood to be able the fire to be high, but does not have the source the water also to be not long, therefore may commercialize the operation. Foreign NGOs (non-profit organizations) are mostly this form.

if pure profit for the purpose, Zeize, will eventually be all betray. Shanghai has a very typical example, the Internet circle mostly know, needless to say.

3, Grassroots and Elite: no grass roots and elite

This topic I think is actually very simple, must be the grassroots and elite, we are equal, at least in the fraternity, at the party, everyone is equal. Regardless of the station station, the commercial station, everyone here is equal. This is in line with the spirit of the Internet, otherwise the sorority will eventually become a "part of the People" tool, would deviate from its original intention.

(More articles and pictures, later launched)

One side qq:49626625 Shanghai Webmaster Network: Welcome to exchange with peers

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