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& ">nbsp; Today, a netizen found me, let me help to see his shopping site optimization and how to promote the network? I took the time to take a look at his website today.

I. Site collection and anti-chain situation

Baidu included in the number of pages for 1,google included in the page included 519, Yahoo included the number of pages for 3. Baidu Reverse link for 9, Google backlinks for 0, Yahoo 24. Google PR is to determine the weight of the site of a standard, this site PR for 0,google as a new station view! The website domain name registration time is April 30, 2010, really is a new station. Baidu snapshot for June 23. From the snapshot you can see that the site title later changed.

Second, competitor website analysis.

In Baidu Search "bag wholesale" This keyword, there are 5 to do bidding. To the second-ranked packet analysis. Baidu included in the number of pages for 34300,google included in the page included 3250, Yahoo included the number of pages for 1036. Baidu Reverse link for 6,660, Google backlinks for 78, Yahoo 7138. Google PR5, relatively high, stating that the website GG or more attention yo. The website domain name registration time is May 2004 57 days, is an old domain name, therefore they this website weight is high.

Third, the website internal dead link analysis

The check results are 3 links inaccessible and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Iv. Analysis of keyword ranking

By the above figure can be seen, our website ranking situation is not ideal, the need to use SEO optimization means to increase the ranking of our website keywords.

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