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Webmaster friends, Good evening, the author recently selected a few items in the A5, the use of a few days after the feeling is very good, the following author to share some experience in A5 group purchase, so that every webmaster can choose a desirable commodity, the following detailed talk about how to buy in the A5 of cheap goods.

We enter the A5 group purchase site to find the column, believe that into the A5 group of friends are doing the Internet products, so webmaster friends before entering the group should know what they need the Internet services, and then according to the A5 column prompts step-by-step to find the right products.

According to the need to select the site column, we will be the choice of products, this step is also the most critical step, we illustrate the following examples, the first column software classification of the forum marketing software This column, we will find that four of them are in the group buy, And then we'll analyze these four sections and compare them.


First, we compare the price, the first price is 1280 yuan, the second price is 1999 yuan, the third price is 580 yuan, from the price to see C

Next we compare the function of the product, by contrast, we can easily find a and C product function is almost, are for some large forums and industry forum posts, Anonymous replies, can say that these two products although the price is almost the same, but its function is basically the same, and B product function is relatively more , b products also include the question and answer platform, blog, Weibo and so on to promote, so from the function we can get c=a

Again, we compare the after-sales service, a and C product after-sales service is basically the same, and B products have a most tempting sign: Seven days is not satisfied with unconditional refund, from the after-sales service to see A=c

Let's take a look at the number of users buying these products, the number of users to buy is also very useful, because most users feel that the product is good, then this shows that the product does have its own unique, from the number of purchases to see B

Finally, we are in accordance with their own needs of the elimination, if you are mainly in the major forums for posts and replies to the operation, from the purchase of goods, C products are more suitable for you, C Products forum post, replies full-featured, relatively low prices, the number of buyers, high-quality after-sales service, So C products are your first choice for posting and replies. If you mainly want to carry out questions and answers or microblogging and so on promotion, then B product is your first choice, although a, C products can also carry out a number of small-scale questions and answers to promote, but after all, not as professional good, so if you want to carry out the promotion of non-forum, then we recommend

After you choose, you can contact customer service, because this is A5 group purchase, so do not worry about the problem of funds, here you are the end of the group purchase business, through the above learning to believe that many owners have their own heart group purchase scheme, the following for this group to do some simple summary:

1, according to their own needs, into the corresponding group buying column.

2, then collect and analyze the function of the product, choose suitable products.

3, the selection of products for price comparison, after-sales service comparison.

4, the final purchase number of comparisons, the number of people believe that different owners have different needs, according to their own needs can choose the most suitable for your products, and this product is your idea of inexpensive products

This article is over, I hope that through this article group buying process can help some stationmaster to buy the inexpensive purchase goods, this article from the Breast Enhancement Product, reprint please keep the link!

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