Sharing content and secrets to solve users ' problems is the key to building trust in SEO

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Absrtact: In many enterprise optimization, webmaster Friends suggest to share some real, specific content to attract the reader's attention, and this content sharing has become a very interesting topic, for large companies, they will specifically consider what content should

In many enterprise optimization, webmaster Friends suggest sharing some real, specific content to attract the attention of the reader, and this content sharing has become a very interesting topic, for large enterprise companies, they will specifically consider what should be shared with you, which should not be shared with the outside world good or bad relationship? Without a truly effective content-sharing strategy, you will go farther and farther behind with others.

What is content goofy?

A real content miser, they will reject any individual or organization that publishes useful content, because they will consider the specificity of their content, feel that people should pay the corresponding remuneration or become one of their clients, so that they will share some content. And some "content miser" is because they do not have any useful content release, because they do not know how to create useful content, for these Scrooge suggested to adapt and learn new content, otherwise it will be more and more difficult work.

Why should you share your content

Share content from the perspective of SEO optimization, you can get a great link at the same time can get customers trust you. Why do customers continue to buy specific brand products? Because they trust the business, and they share your deepest secrets, such as sharing a product quote, sharing some products or services to solve the user's problem, this is the simplest way to build trust, the key is to share the content and secrets to solve the user's problem.

Sharing useful, problem-solving solutions will help you build trust in any audience or potential customer. Remember, SEO optimization is the job of maintaining this degree of trust among customers.

Related marketing content can be shared

In today's marketing era, everyone is pushing for innovation, new ideas, here you share some of your own insights, because some people come up with some new ideas.

1, thinking Tips: For example, a person said that he is providing XYZ service, tell them how you do this service, whether in the video or article format, your unique ideas and their share.

2, warm tip: In your customers may exist problems to give them a daily tips or shortcuts can be their life easier.

3, product demonstration, you can promote your products or services, to ensure that a point, every once in a while to write a new product release or clearance auction activities, so as not only to share their own marketing methods, but also promote their own products.

4. Make your comments or suggestions. For a hot topic in a related industry, tell them what you know about this content as an expert.

Instance content should not be shared

Not every content miser is unwilling to share, but in some cases there are some things they do not want to share, of course, for these content I do not recommend you to share. For example, your business and type of content, share if you encounter some wary person, may harm your business, give some examples:

1. Specific details of the business model of the proprietary system business;

2, products, systems, processes or any copyright intended to apply for a patent content;

3, some of the more typical, serious human resources issues.

Rough content sharing brings harm

1, tourists are forced to find other information;

2, it is difficult to win the trust of customers. Customers do not know how to trust you, because you have not given them any reason to this;

3, your business will be considered inactive or meaningless and fun content.

Finally, I think that you can do a content miser, but some things are mutual, such as new people, only you share your secret, others can be new to you, if you regard your customers as your closest friends, they will be stronger meet the feeling of mutual benefit. Of course, for some business content you can't share with customers, but you can realistically from the user's point of view, to help them solve the problem, which will not only help you SEO, but also to help you build a solid and lasting business foundation.

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