Shenzhen Webmaster Alliance nearly hundred website Collective Gray frequency, mourn the deceased

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Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Shenzhen, we have just had lunch, will be put into work, perhaps a lot of people feel dizzy. Then QQ on someone said the earthquake, then said how many people died, is everyone dare not to believe, a century of catastrophe, who never thought would be in our Sichuan!

5.12 the same day, just started the Shenzhen Webmaster Alliance (q Group) issued an initiative, all Webmaster Alliance members want to find a way to do something for the Sichuan disaster area as soon as possible! Soon, dozens of sites were put on our initiative, leaving the Red Cross's unified fund-raising account. Moved in the great love of Shenzhen webmaster, do stand more important is to do the conscience, Shenzhen webmaster in 5.12 also become more united!

After 5.12, the webmaster in Shenzhen Webmaster Union (editors) launched a variety of fund-raising activities, or propaganda or organized activities, show a strong civil earthquake relief work! We are not a taste of the positive to do, so that the number of millions of users from our Shenzhen Webmaster Alliance site Group to see Love and hope. Shenzhen is a city full of love, the webmaster in Shenzhen is to put the responsibility in the first place!

And to 5.12, we use what to mourn that disaster, what we use to comfort that into the kingdom of the undead, and the life in the disaster areas dedicated friends! We also have to do what, so the initiative Shenzhen Webmaster also need more attention Wenchuan, together for the Sichuan that head pray!

5.12 should be commemorated every year! To this end, we Shenzhen Webmaster Alliance will be in 5.12.13 Site of the collective gray frequency, some webmaster also decided that in 5.13 will also be gray frequency in mourning that a terrible disaster!

Thanks to the strong support of Shenzhen webmaster, there are currently nearly 100 sites to join our ranks of gray frequency!

The current gray frequency of the Shenzhen Webmaster Alliance site has (q group 43216605, Gray frequency after the webmaster Please enter):

Chaoshan Network

Wan Ju

Shenzhen Women's Network 8-5.14 gray frequency)

Shenzhen Office

Shenzhen Grid Forum

Guangzhou woman net

Shantou self-examination network

shenzhen Life Coordinate

shenzhen Wedding Photography Network

Shenzhen Computer Repair Network

Cottage Notebook

Dazhou Information Network

Dazhou Forum

Women's Forum

China Webmaster Website:

Shenzhen classification Information

Eastern Oct Non-official website

Shop Long Network

Store Lake

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