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Black Drake Huawen Carnegie training master Loyola University in the United States, a former Hughes aircraft manager, Acer Computer vice president, vice president of light Kai. With the "break out", "win leadership", "can calculate the life" and so on, "slow" education founder, author of "slow support" "slow raise house book" and other parent-child books. Mr. Heilongjiang won the third place in a survey conducted by the Human Resources Bank of China in 2007 [the leader you most want to follow]. To be honest, many people were surprised by the result, for Carnegie did not rank the top three in China Taiwan either in terms of firm size or turnover. However, Mr. Black landed with them as an office worker's ideal One of the boss. We all want to know, what exactly do you see in the Black Drake who traits, it is worth he was everyone to follow? What is the difference between "manager" and "leader"? Let's listen to Mr. Kuroda personally to share!

Sincere care to win subordinates agree

Through Carnegie training, we helped a very large number of managers, most of whom were outstanding at work and outstanding in ability to be promoted to management. However, when some people sit in the management position, problems arise: they have a hard time driving teams, being unattended, and often disputing subordinates. In other words, they bring people but can not bring "heart" so that they will eventually stay in the managers who have the authority and title instead of the leaders. Leaders are able to "lead" because a group of people are willing to follow; and these people trust him and are willing to hand over the future to him. No wonder Jack Wach, the former GE executive and the world's best manager by For-tune magazine, once said: "I hope GE's high-level Supervisors are leaders, not managers. "

Another survey shows that in Taiwan, only 29% consider themselves "devoted themselves" to their work. In mainland China, this number is even 8%! Indeed, in modern society, most of them are intellectual-based knowledge workers. However, it is not enough to rely on external incentives (such as money and positions) to enhance the productivity of these people. They must be recognized by you and qualified Happy to sell for your life. Fortunately, Dale Carnegie already gave us a succinct suggestion 100 years ago: sincerely caring about others.

We have a student from CNPC. In the company for decades, even though we do managerial positions, we are still lonely and have little contact with our colleagues. Later, with our encouragement, he started practicing caring for his subordinates, talking to his colleagues. Late one night, when he finally finished overtime to get home, he suddenly saw a lamp slightly lit in the dark corner of the office. He wanted to pretend he did not see, leave directly, but based on Carnegie's "coercion", he still go forward, asking how the work of his colleagues so late? And remind him to go home carefully. As a result, the other party suddenly changed his mind and looked at him touchingly: "You know, I've been working so late every day for 20 years, but never before came a supervisor to care about me.You are the first one." It's a brief Two greetings, can have such an impact on people, not to mention the story of the trainees to bring change and encouragement.

By mathematician and the butcher to stay strong

A good leader, except for a caring person, must, in my opinion, be a good mathematician and gardener.

First, you must be a mathematician, make the best use of 【addition, subtraction and multiplication】. 【Plus】 refers to find someone, find the right person on the train, to create a good team. 【】 To be bold to give up the wrong people, let the other to do more suitable work. 【Multiply】 Similar to the principle of duplication, empowering employees with confidence through empowerment and training internal talents to fill the company with thousands of you. 【】 In addition to refers to the sharing, through dividends, bonuses and other forms of honor to each employee.

Then, like a gardener, you should train and take care of your flower garden. In addition to having to sow (looking for someone), you must also treat them differently for different species of flowers. Just as you would expect, you must learn to tolerate, admire, and not force others to change according to your rules. In subordinate growth stage, you have to timely watering, fertilizing, nurturing talent, or even rack, so that each other without worries sprint and growth. If the subordinates have problems and make mistakes, they should shoulder the responsibility of supervising and correcting them like sprinkling pesticides on pests and diseases. Unfortunately, if one day there have been saved seedlings, you have to give up bravely, because not only the staff can not be competent for their work, but also may be dragged down the progress of others.

Sharing embarrassing experiences leads the subordinates to bravely correct

However, no matter how old the experienced gardeners are, they must all be cautious about the methods and amount of sprinkling pesticides. Just as many supervisors have always been concerned about criticism and correction, they are afraid of their subordinates being hit hard and secondarily afraid Too light understatement, leading to ineffective. My suggestion is: to replace the scolding with the question, share the change in exchange for change.

From the beginning, you can ask the affiliate a simple question, such as "Have you noticed that you just said something that should not have been said?" Let subordinates tell their own fault; for anyone, frankly Wrong, than always accused of being the other simple, easy. Then, in order for the other to correct the mistake and begin to change, you can share your embarrassing experiences. "I know you must be sad and I have made the same mistake, but believe me, and you can easily change it later. ! "Let subordinates feel that they are not guilty of heinous crimes, but mistakes that can be easily corrected, and of course the other party will readily accept it and correct it.

In "Carnegie Daily One Wisdom," I have a favorite phrase: "My secret of success is to make a lot of mistakes." The success of each supervisor, but also from the constant mistakes, trying to accumulate Come; as long as you are determined to be a good leader, someone must follow.

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