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Absrtact: Site by K analysis of the site performance: The main keywords, brand keywords no rankings. Site, domain Home page is often not the first place. Directly enter the Web site can appear home page, and the next day snapshot. Website Long Tail keyword most

Site K Analysis

Website performance:

Key keywords, brand keywords no rankings.

Site, domain Home page is often not the first place.

Directly enter the Web site can appear home page, and the next day snapshot.

The website long tail keyword Most is in 600-800 between, a few long tail still in place.

No rankings on the homepage (except the website itself)

Website Concrete performance: since 22nd website partial revision starts, 23rd number site, domain is not home page.

Site snapshots are also suspended at number 22nd. Until the 24th drop site to restore the previous version (number 25th and become a revision period of appearance), Baidu snapshot updated to 23rd and then stopped at 23rd to a few days after the normal update.

Ranking specific performance: 23rd by the keyword "industry words" start all and industry words related to the long tail keywords are dropped to hundreds (there are sporadic several slip through the road). Which industry-related words such as unrelated keywords or in the original rankings did not move.

Until number 25th, all keywords (including brand words) could not be retrieved at the beginning.

A week later (May 2), the website is reset back to its initial state. May 3, the site, such as a series of keyword restoration rankings (in addition to the big word steel structure). The rankings are kept from 9 o'clock in the morning until about 3 o ' clock in the afternoon and disappear after hundreds.

Since then, the site keyword never rose. Only "brand words" in the middle of the keyword maintained between 30-90. Home page has not been ranked.

Above all is in Baidu rank, other search engine performance is normal.

Specific analysis:

Website code Problems

The domain name of the previous test site has been lifted by 301. Look at the rankings to see if the code is wrong.

External links grow too fast

The fastest growing links for Alibaba and Marco Polo have now been carried out by the chain Shield. The same hair of the container house site is also directly k, but paint and other sites are not K, so you can exclude these two business-to-business platform

It is possible to use a bulk business-to-business information to lead to be K, now preparing to study this part of the link and intend to use the outer chain shielding method to screen the spam links. This method has an effective period of 20 days.

All-Station collection articles

The site's technical highlights and industry dynamic sections are collected on the Internet repeated articles. But the search engine is still included in these articles, so this temporary exclusion. But this is a potential problem.

Full station logo use ALT tag

This may be the search engine that is the accumulation of keywords, temporarily removed.

Article Update content and website theme deviation big

May be updated every day, "Hot Press" and other machinery industry words, resulting in the search engine that content is irrelevant. has now been updated to "industry-related words" and other industry words.

A child page mask returns a link.

May be the article all child pages nofollow off the homepage of the link, resulting in weight can not be passed back. Modified (There are many examples to prove that this method is normal and only for testing purposes)

Technical News Forum Issues

Through a long period of log monitoring, found that the early technical News section under the article is indeed very good to collect. However, this section does not have a news center or even a snapshot of the industry dynamic section, the specific analysis may be due to the release of the forum does not have any meaning of the title led to search engine sites that random accumulation. (This is a long-term potential problem)

Website density problem

Before the "Geographical + keywords", "keywords" and other words density is relatively high. But basically there is no relationship, so this rule.

Baidu may own ventilation

In number 13th has done a webmaster complaints. Details await a week or so response (possibly longer).

Final Summary: Write this simple analysis on the afternoon of May 13. Today is number 16th, in the morning of the search rankings sent the site brand words and Industry keywords Most of the recovery of 7788. Although not as good as the previous rankings but finally after hundreds of crises.

This figure is the position that Baidu temporarily restores:

Finally look at other websites, all the other industries of the site many hundred after the "big site" also restored home page rankings. This is likely to be the result of Baidu manslaughter.

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