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Recruiting a "> ranking personnel is not difficult, it is difficult to comprehensive judgment, I give an example, you can see whether you or your staff to do so.

Website ranking Rookie bugs!

A site ranking staff received a common start to perform a site SEO optimization, the first step is to modify the site title and Web page description (meta), that as long as so many titles and descriptions after the modification, will bring traffic to the site. Of course, he also believes that he will succeed in doing so! But does the actual website traffic really grow? In fact, the flow may not rise and fall!

Blind, repeated changes will allow the search engine to reduce the trust of the site

Why? Because even if the title and description of the change is quite perfect, but did not bring traffic, the modification of this period, the Web designer a large number of use of flash, images caused the site reaction rate dropped, and the site ranked people do not know the severity of the site response rate, not at any time to pay attention to the

The final situation may change the title, let the Flow up 10%, and because the site response speed too slow, but let the site traffic down 20%! Shilai 10% loss of flow, then the site ranked people will start to check the various sites he knows the optimization methods, and feel that there is no problem, then he will feel that the title and description of the problem, if he went to the title and description of the same as before, that can be expected, Website traffic is about to drop 10%!

I have seen a lot of this type of site ranking people, 8630.html "> sometimes not necessarily the site response speed is too slow, but many other details, what is the reason?" Often know that they do not know why the result of the repeated changes, the more often modified, search engines do not trust the site.
Biedao listen to Tu said, from the search engine principle!

Small head Baidu promotion assistant often stressed to start from the search engine, only understand the search engine to what, you can also to search engine, if blindly pieced together to collect the site ranking technology, that destroyed is not your future, destroyed is the future of this site! Now a lot of business website company internal personnel Communication is bad, usually because of each other is not clear about the work responsibility and each other's expertise, plus more than one thing less than the mentality of the site, then the outlook is not optimistic.

What happens when these things happen?

First you need to find out why the server response rate will cause the decline of the site rankings, which leads to flow down, this convincing process needs to speak a never contacted SEO people can listen to understand. How the response speed from the Web site included, and then from the search engine how to view the site response speed, you can let everyone know what is happening!

Site rankings need to understand more than others!

Then start to improve the problem, perhaps the technology department will say that now the server can only so fast, then what do you do? You should go to understand, learn host space knowledge, help solve, no way with web designer to cut down on the Web page of multimedia, help the site to lose weight, all kinds of ways are good, but it is not possible to choose the site back to the previous state.

Every study is a valuable experience in the future.

When you are willing to work harder to understand other people's professional, and to comprehensive thinking to judge the impact of various skills on the site rankings, then your site rankings will be around the corner!

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