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Hello everyone, I am Chengzhou. It's been two weeks to Wenzhou, for some small and medium-sized enterprises have a basic contact, found that many enterprises are very passive web site construction to accept some network company's "marketing" proposal, rather than targeted marketing website construction, which is very unfavorable to the company for network Marketing, In particular, the most basic SEO optimization promotion, today I would like to talk about Web site construction for some of the high requirements of SEO.

1. Website Construction requirements for SEO architecture

Website construction, the most critical is the site structure, but the site structure to meet the marketing, you need to carry out the structure of the SEO, how to structure it? The most important two aspects: links and keywords.

Links are mainly required to crawl the site's reasonable link structure, the most important is the site map, because this is the spider and users to visit the site is the most direct and fastest way, it may determine your users access to your site PV number, because reasonable navigation can help users quickly find the information they want, and for spiders, A reasonable map will speed up spiders ' indexing and crawling of web pages.

and the key word requirement is to appear in the reasonable position keyword, will keyword as many layout site of some important position, in line with the search engine to judge the relevance of a very important standard, but also pay attention to comply with the rules of search engines, such as keyword density not more than 8%, this is definitely a search engine of a high-voltage line. There are also such as the first link to the site, the description of the second link, as well as the top H1 label keywords, aggravating the tone of the section, such as the layout of key key points, such as the key keywords, so that the keyword appears reasonable nature, can improve the relevance.

2, website construction for the site URL requirements

Often meet some customers find our company, ask such a question: why my site does not include? or a few included? Later, after we found that the SEO diagnosis, the site in the construction of the time did not take into account the problem of URL specifications, which has become an important factor in the Web site.

A. For the home page site as far as possible using, other forms of URL301 redirect to this link:

B, for the website URL as far as possible using static Web site suggested that you use static or pseudo static URL links are as follows:

Rather than dynamic URLs, such as: http://www.

C, due to the inevitable will produce some dynamic pages, we can again web site robots write crawl rules, shielding spiders for dynamic page URL crawl.

3, from the user point of view of the board design

In fact, many of the establishment of the station for small enterprise site construction is not enough attention, these small enterprises also because of the operation of the industry, for the construction of the website is not understand, the requirements are not high, a lot of web site construction companies just apply some of the enterprise site template to the enterprise to build stations, build stations not for the industry, not designed for users. This will be very passive in the later network promotion, and this point needs to be well considered in the initial stage.

A, the enterprise superiority unfolds. Any company has its own advantages, such as we are the industry leader, as far as possible to highlight their position, to come up with the qualification certificate, if we have their own characteristics of products, we must show in the most conspicuous place, so that we have a real and have the strength of a sense of conviction.

B, think of what users need most. For example, we are to do service, for the area of cleaning services, then the user will definitely need to send service personnel, a need to introduce service personnel information, the other one to have the most conspicuous contact, so that users the most convenient and quick to find us. For example, telephone, QQ, want wanted and other common contact tools should be conspicuous.

Of course, I just plain talk about three points of view, for SEO requirements may have other aspects, we can add my qq:843745641 to communicate.

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