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Soft paper is popular because it spends the least amount of effort to maximize the effect. Take the outside chain to say, ordinary do outside the chain method is generally through the forum post, and its own manufacture of the chain all need to rely on a manual one hair, such a day down also may not be able to do how much, and quality is not guaranteed, and soft wen is different, as long as in some well-known website platform for submission, and after the approval, Then the quantity that is reprinted will present 1+1>2 situation, and the quality also has certain safeguard. So it will be so by the owners of the hot. However, the advantages of soft wen is very obvious, but many stationmaster can only be afar but not close to touch also, the reason is that many of their own writing ability is not confident, or that they do not have the level of writing, or because the regular rejection of the draft and slowly choose to give up, can only envy those who can contribute through the webmaster, In fact, soft writing is really so difficult? I think not, for soft writing, whether you are a liberal arts or science, as well as write a good article, the key lies in your writing ideas are correct, whether the requirements of the editor, whether the article is fluent, the user has value. Today I would like to share some soft writing steps, how to write soft wen can be liked by editors, improve the pass rate.

What do you write?

Most webmasters often complain that they can't write articles and don't know what to write. In fact, this is also a lot of webmaster unwilling to write soft wen a key reason, for example, the webmaster face every day is SEO, outside the chain, content of these several aspects of work, but the article on this aspect of the Internet has been overwhelming, they wrote not necessarily through, and sometimes will be ruthlessly deleted. In fact, the author thinks, for writing soft text to find writing material is very simple, such as you are working family, then you can through the combination of bus, seat aspects of social knowledge to explain the optimization mentality. can also through some small life details to understand the principle of doing the station. Have seen a lot of life in combination with small details to describe SEO optimization of the article, such as "from Cooking comprehension seo optimization can not skyrocketing experience" This is very simple, cooking if the fire is big, naturally will scorch. The same SEO optimization too much will suffer down the right to be K. Another example, "from waiting for the bus to talk about network marketing need patience, patience," and so on, these are not the source of writing material? Life to the network, the network also slowly dissolve into life, we can through the life of some people think that the extraordinary things, the idea of integration into the network, nature can get a lot of different inspiration. Personally think, for soft writing What this problem, the key is inspired by this factor, after all, in the context of inspiration to write articles, its quality will certainly than no inspiration when writing a much stronger. So, the first step in soft writing, what to write, is actually very easy to find, as the old saying goes, reading books is not as good as walking thousands of miles, when you do not know what you want to write, or what to write, you might as well go out and take some distraction, give yourself a relaxed state of mind to come back to write, you will find that the effect will be greatly different.

Ii. How to write?

For a good soft article, how to write this is the key, after all, this is the ability to let users understand and understand the focus. So how do we write to make the soft text better? Personal summed up a few points on how to write excellent soft text key points: 1, the beginning of the writing, in general, a lot of people who write soft text think that the beginning of the paragraph is used to introduce themselves or to roughly mention the focus of the article. In fact, I think that a good beginning can make users more interested in the article, excellent soft text its beginning do not need to introduce themselves, do not need to say a lot of irrelevant topics, straight into the theme, the need to highlight the article or need to focus on the list of points out on the line, so you can give users a hint, Convenient for users to read the full text according to the focus. 2. Description of the content. As long as we see a lot of failure of soft paper is the key reason is the core content of soft text is not valuable, that is, the readability is not high. There is the topic of irrelevant content, the beginning said is the optimization strategy, but the content description is the optimization technique, even if the article mentioned experience again good, also difficult to let the user read and understand, after all, the article description and focus are inconsistent, irrelevant, how to call the user to understand it? 3, the concluding part of the summary, A good soft article needs a nice start, at the same time also need a suitable end, most of the unsuccessful soft text is not a lack of the beginning is missing the end, many people think that the end is not important, in fact, the user read the entire article, the natural need in mind to precipitate the content of the article, Then giving the right end can reduce the user's own summary and also make it easier for users to resonate. So, excellent soft wen need to know how to write articles, write an article easy, but to write well, so that users resonate with the article is difficult and difficult ah, these are the need for long-term accumulation, careful thinking, carving to do.

Three, to WHO to see?

A good soft article not only in the quality of the article, I believe that no one after writing an article to say that they do not write well, but why there are so many examples of failure? In fact, as long as careful analysis is not difficult to find, the article not only needs its own quality, but also need to know their target group. As with marketing, targeted promotion is often more effective than aimless promotion. For example, such as the promotion of weight loss drugs, then the first need to analyze their target group is now a lot of Taobao weight loss drug type of site, its written articles are mostly submitted to the webmaster and so on the platform, in fact, this really can get the maximum effect? I do not agree, after all, even their own target groups are displaced, How can you maximize the effect. Good soft wen needs someone to appreciate, so that the target users have a resonance to be called a good article. So when we're writing a soft article, we naturally need to understand who we're looking for. In the right time to face the right person to do the right thing, the effect is maximized. So, before writing a soft text, need to determine who you are to read, rather than the same, hear others say which platform blindly follow write articles to contribute, but for their own unfamiliar, and even their own articles to who look not know, how can become excellent soft wen? So, whether the soft paper is excellent, In addition to the quality of the soft text itself clearance, but also need to give the right people to see the line, if you write is to promote the planning of the article, but to some entertainment, portals and other platforms, that its effect is certainly not better than the platform to cast the Webmaster class effect. The reason is that you even write your own article to whom you do not know, are not clear, how to control the effect of it?

Write soft Wen need to have a clear idea, to know their own soft topic to write what can attract the user's eyeball, how to write to allow users to resonate, so as to achieve their intended effect, determine the soft text of the browser to maximize its effect. In other words, that is the most successful soft text is often in the user when the most needed to appear in front of him, so that it has a sense of empathy to achieve their goals. Therefore, the creation of a successful soft text is not difficult, difficult in the process of creating. This article by XP system download exclusive feeds, reprint please specify, thank you!

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