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Submission A5 is my goal, I believe that many than I also new webmaster common goals. Because A5 Webmaster Network is currently one of the most popular webmaster network, can be submitted here through, is to get high-quality backlinks, if passed by other people's reprint, the number of chain will increase quickly. If lucky to be able to be edited to recommend to the homepage, that clicks and reprint quantity is unexpectedly big. Wu in A5 Time Limited, so also write what everyone praised articles, more write like some master that casually move pen writing, there are thousands of of thousands of reverse link. In this, Wu based on his own experience in the A5, summed up some of the lessons, hoping to help those who are newer than me webmaster.

First, before the A5 submission, read the submission Guide (instructions), to prevent the occurrence of irrelevant phenomenon. In the A5 home page click on the top of the "submission" words, you can see the "Submission Guide."



For example, Wu once wrote a title "Tripod A: 2 strokes to teach you to avoid the number scam," the article belongs to this kind of phenomenon. First of all, this article is about the book, and A5 requirements of the It class irrelevant; second, this article is to provide experience for the book, and A5 advocated for the vast number of webmaster services. Third, this article should be enterprise soft article, but Wu is not A5 enterprise user.


Second, pay attention to the habit of posting. A5 editors of the review time is 8:30 to 12:00, 1:00 to 5:30, at night 8:00 to 11:30, under normal circumstances, within 2 hours will pass the audit, and sometimes submitted more time may be delayed. However, you have chosen to submit after 11:30 in the evening, it is clear that this article will not be passed in the day, can only wait for the next day when the editor to work to pass.

Third, the contribution must be cast, to be clear A5 priority to hire what type of manuscript. In fact, in A5 is a priority for those who are related to the webmaster or the Internet closely related to the manuscript.


Four, on the whole of the manuscript, must be clear, hierarchical, layout and orderly. The size headings are reasonable and appropriate so that the editors can quickly understand what you want to say. This is important not to make the layout messy.

Finally, the article can be appropriately inserted some pictures related to the text, on the one hand and the text complementary, on the other hand can achieve the effect of illustrations, more attractive.

The article should not have too many advertising ingredients. If in an article, contains the advertisement ingredient "tripod A" the text does not appear more than 3 times, otherwise 90% probability will not be edited through. This is well understood.

Seven, the end of the article, be sure to add the original link and im. For example, at the end of Add "xxx original, the original URL: XXX, reproduced Please indicate the source" and so on. Some people in order to facilitate the reader contact, directly left the QQ number or email address, this is also possible to try.

Wu, according to their own failure to contribute to the experience of the new webmaster to provide these seven points of advice! This article from, original is small Wu, reprint please specify!

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