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I do stand for half a year, looking back on a large six months to build the station experience, it is feeling a lot. In this and you will build a station friends to share their experience, hoping to make you prospective webmaster less detours.

I was in 2010, bought a website on the internet, was very happy at that time, spent 100 yuan to buy a call to the article station, at the same time the friend did not want to do his million net space to me, to know that the new webmaster to do the future of the station but very trance, how much money to invest, I am afraid the new webmaster are unwilling. Because of their leisure time a lot of work, so at the beginning of a very focused on the article, many are written by themselves. But did a period of time and colleagues to learn to fry, the website things stopped. After being squeezed dry money by the stock market, the dingy came out, here I warned you to do the station before the site must ask yourself to do the station's determination is not big, if the fear of difficulties just try, it is best not to start, because it is a hard thing to do the station. I have a friend made a station, used about 1.5 of the time to do it, now has 2 to 30,000 of IP, bought 2 servers, are not enough. A few months ago, I began to renew the domain name after the start of the station, this time I am determined to do the station, and to continue to do. Well, the opening remarks on so much, for the prospective webmaster is determined now I introduce some of their insights.

First, do the station before you want to do the theme of the station, you intend to do what type of station. Special attention should be paid to their own theme should not be too wide, do portal class are some groups, we small people to learn to do small station.

Second, the application of a relatively concise and good memory of the domain name, which is conducive to the future like you stand people can remember your station.

Third, choose a good space. It is estimated that we all know the importance of space stability to the new station. The good space can guarantee the user's access speed, the space security and so on. The most important thing is that the space is not stable to search engine crawl article is very complementary. I have a friend once did a story station, bought a space, as a result of server disk is broken, by space business to format, the file is gone.

Four, with domain name and space can start to do stand. For the novice station is to pay attention to the use of what system, I recommend the use of Dedecms, anyway, I read a lot of articles are said that the dream for better optimization. Learned to weave a dream, install a good program, the next step is to layout their own station, some people are anxious to arrange their own ideas at will, do not know if this is beneficial to the future optimization. Layout of their own site, I suggest using webmaster Tools search, look at their own station theme similar keyword search, and then their own reasonable layout of the page column. This is very important, I do stand for 2 months to find myself gone a lot of detours. Start without the layout of your own station, causing trouble when preparing for optimization.

Five, the new station began when there is a period of Baidu inspection, in this period must pay attention to regular, quantitative publishing articles. At the same time pay attention to where you can improve, you can plan their own daily to solve 1-2 problems. There are problems can be A5 station to learn more. At the same time in Baidu to see some of the stations, refer to their station on some of the advantages.

After the site starts, we have to set some discipline for ourselves, for example, a daily fixed-term quantitative update, a few problems every day to solve the site, every day to visit Webmaster Station Learning (here recommended A5, Chinese webmaster, etc.), at the same time for their own station has a vision plan, such as the article included when to start to do outside the chain, How to build links with other stations, is not to use the promotion and so on.

Finally, warn some would-be stationmaster, do not think skyrocketing, do station need patience, perseverance. Step by step down-to-earth efforts. Blessing every prospective webmaster can harvest their own success and joy in the Internet.

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