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I this is not a sea fawning, indeed, I really appreciate some of the site of foreigners, no matter how much better than the domestic, from our familiar search engine, the domestic giant is Baidu, the world's giant is google,google foreign, look at others do, Baidu eyes Only money, Now Baidu is off the track of the original, what do all pay attention to money.

& ">nbsp; But who call others fire, he also learn others Google in other countries to do, I am very puzzled, he this "eyes only money" of the guy, it is so the person to stare, of course, mouth words is so said, but I am also a user of Baidu. From a lot of convenience, Google does more than Baidu 10 times times, million times, Baidu Alliance can not be compared with googleads, a lot of webmaster why not do Baidu alliance? The reason is very simple, Baidu is a vampire, it can let his blood to suck you? And Google has really created "win each other" Law, I believe that in the future, Google than Baidu to go farther, now Yahoo is not a big deal, there is nothing to say.

The topic is not too far, talk about foreign websites and Chinese websites, foreign websites will not be like China's web site so repeated repeated again, in Baidu casually input a keyword, you can query to tens of thousands of sites, or even millions of sites have the same title, the same content, of course, in foreign countries is not no, But they will not be the same as the domestic, 100% of the same, is simply a pattern, perhaps at home, many people do not know what is called copyright.

Again, the style of foreigners, the domestic site most of a look, eternal unchanged. Standard box to the contents of all the boxes, foreign I see a lot of websites, style is really very distinctive, people always seem to think this is the so-called "Web3.0" of "High-tech", in the domestic site, most of the different styles of cms+ single style. Here or to praise Baidu, analog Google style or do a good job. People, confine their thoughts to thinking. This really has to think about thinking, we can not be difficult to hear so-and-so successful imitation of foreign websites, such as the skin, many fans cheer for it, so meaningful?

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