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Before the release of a few articles have been the main webmaster network recommendations, so many netizens know me, and a lot of my micro-letter and I exchange, said the article is good, read very profitable. So I have the motivation to write again. Because most of the previous release is related to the site drainage, so today I want to send an article about the website profit. Hope to be helpful to everyone.

But if it doesn't feel right, don't spray too hard. Or I'm afraid to write it next time! It feels useful to pay more attention to me and my site on the line. Oh, so everyone look and cherish it.


There is nothing wrong with our efforts to do the site is to make money through the site, a lot of webmaster is to do part-time, do a part-time job for their own add some income is also good. Some are full-time, just like me, every month for the room, car, raise 2 children, plus 2 servers and some life of food, water and electricity, telephone charges, refueling fees, network fees ... all the expenses are supported by the profit of the website. So if we can't make a profit through the website, everything is nonsense.

Our personal webmaster do not like large companies have large consortia to support, burning 2 years 3 years of money is no problem. We have no money to boil, we can't always ask our family for money. Therefore, we do webmaster, especially full-time webmaster must first put money first, to improve the site revenue as one of the important work.

If you are rich and have a fixed or continuing source of income, you can do it as a hobby. Otherwise, you can't solve even the basic survival. Can you still work on the website? When you make money through the Internet, you will naturally treat him as a hobby. If you think you can make money doing this, you can improve your life and your family. You will also feel a strong sense of satisfaction and pride. You will be more and more like to do the website. On the contrary, after years of not making money, it is estimated that your interest in the site will vanish.

Therefore, we do not do the Web site with hobbies, to do with a sense of mission. You will be like a chicken blood mad cow as crazy hair outside the chain, crazy looking for resources. As I write this month in succession, almost overnight. Some articles have to be written several nights. When you think of the people behind you, think of your mission, you will take these boring code as your good friend. Love them so you can get them to make money for you. Also, please remember that the first to survive and look forward to development!

The above is I do some of the site's real feelings, long-winded how long is to tell you. To do a website to have a good mentality will let you really have the executive power. After the preface is finished, the following is the time to share dry goods:

How to improve website profit and revenue

Section one: Give up first

The useless thing first put down to do the current site the most core of the most profitable projects (for just Start no traffic site)

Do the first step of the new website, give up first! Put all the things in the mess first, start the flow. Do the main content or function of the website first.

For example, I found that a lot of personal webmaster now do a website, like to add this function, that function. One will engage in the Member center, one will be a forum, and then get a classified information. Today's revision, tomorrow and revised. Spend a lot of time on useless work. If your flow does not go up, it is recommended that you get rid of these messy things first. If you want to do a content station, do SEO natural flow. What you do as a member and what sort of information you do is basically superfluous.

Many large stations themselves have tens of thousands of traffic and have hundreds of tens of millions of money to do membership, a lot did not go up. So don't be silly, you can not do it alone, do not believe you go to see a lot of big stations. Very few members can be made. Unless this feature is something you must do, it is the core of your site. Otherwise, don't spend your energy doing this. If it is a number of matchmaking sites, or itself is to do membership fees. This is another matter. Just for example, don't spend your energy doing something that doesn't work. Only in this way can you make the main project of your website bigger and stronger. To produce good profits. Wait for your project to make money, have money! It is not too late to ask someone to open up other projects.

Section II: Utilization of all available resources

How to make use of available resources?

1. Circle User

Many webmaster will not use all aspects of resources to profit. As if Lou built a QQ group, 2 days to fill 1000 people, and this group is very active. Is definitely a valuable group. If he rented the ads on the right side of the group, I believe many space merchants would rent them. Can write an advertising language, such as: Advertising sponsor XXX Host network, and then put a Web site! Value at least 5,001 months. I have a friend of 2 500 people Webmaster Group, this is the case. The position is given to the space trader at a price of 250 per month. A year down 2 groups of 6000 pieces. So you don't have to do anything, thousands of bucks a year. In fact, those space merchants only rented one server a year to go out on the enough. (Good server an average of 100,001 years) If you are worried about what you have to send, and so on, you can rent only 25 days, the instructions to stay for a few days are not regularly issued notice.

So if you have resources, you have to use them rationally. Find ways to use tools or develop tools of your own to put some of the same type of people in a place, the more people in the circle, the more high-end the circle of people, the more valuable the circle.

2, Flow transfer

If you don't have a place to advertise. Then you can do a few small stations up. For example, I now have a station with 100,000 traffic, I stand above the ads are sold out. Then you can build 5 more similar small station. Easy to click Place at the station. The best position is to page up and down in the article. And navigation is also available. The links of these several stations are put up with some key words with higher clicks.

The following figure:


The clicks on these words are high and do not occupy a place. This is a screenshot of a woman's private conversation, and that's how he operates. It was also designed in 5 other small stations. If each station can be divided into 10,000 traffic. So now you have 150,000 of the traffic in your hand. Even the 100,000 same people. But whether you are renting ads or doing affiliate advertising revenue will certainly improve a lot. For example, you now go to the A5 forum, you are first to his webmaster and then enter his forum, or go to the forum before the main station. No matter which way you go. It's good for A5. Now know why A5 to use the new domain to do the forum, in addition to the convenience of independent operation can also be a big benefit. (If you don't understand it, think for yourself.) )

3, soft advertising

Doing very well in this area is the beautiful said and Mushroom Street. His website does not need an ad bit (before they are transformed). The whole station is advertising. Many friends will say, that mine is the article station AH. is not Taobao station AH?

Boss who said the article can not add Taobao Guest, in the article embedded soft advertising effect is even better. Before I do the female station is to rely on the article inside the soft Taobao ads to make money, sold a lot of weight loss drugs. Hanging that Taobao Alliance 300x250 window advertising is not a single. Or the whole station hanging. So the soft ads do a better job than you put hard ads much better.

There is a soft text can be leased to the merchant. This not only does not occupy the position, brings the merchant the effect also to be good. Don't hesitate if you have good traffic. Oneself add Taobao guest link also line, go to find some product business or do Taobao store merchants to buy also line. Many of these businesses need to spend money to drain. Do not believe that you go to A5 Taobao customer plate to see, which is all Taobao merchants home in pull Taobao Kesin they do flow of posts. These businesses will often engage in activities or something, do not be afraid of others do not. You have to do it before you know if it's possible. (Everyone should look for their own industry to find ha)

4, Rental channels

This has a certain risk, so you have to consider the good. But the profits are really attractive. A lot of profiteering station and some medical stations will need such resources, is the weight of your site. You sell the catalogue to him and you can use your weight to get a better ranking of his content. But if he sends some bad content, it will cause a lot of impact on your website. So this must be considered clearly. If it is normal things do not affect the quality of your site, you can rent. And don't rent it cheaply. The station of high weight must collect expensive point. This is to do the medical care in Baidu to do a click to spend more than 100. As long as the effect of these people are willing to spend money.

5, Event planning

When you have enough popularity and fans on your website, you can join some businesses to do some activities. Find the strength and credibility of business cooperation. For example, I am now the mutual Transfer Webmaster Network, if there is enough popularity. And there are good server business cooperation words. Can do a server to rent or some other sales activities, you are divided into the line, you provide the platform he provides goods and services. All you have to do is help him to do a topic page. Sales are good, it is likely to catch up with your one-month advertising fee OH. The most successful of the year was the 360 special for the machine. Close to us is the A5 domain name and space distribution.

If you have the ability to do some offline activities, the same can be profitable. We can according to their own users and groups to plan.

Section III: Self-selling

Before I was a woman in the station to know a hairdresser's website friend. Because at that time and he exchanged links, he began to do part-time hair stylist net. This industry is very small, so like this kind of site is relatively few. (Because do stylist's very few will do the website, do the website also very few will cut hair) just started he spent 2000 people to build the station, the space he uses good, probably wants 3,001 months.

He usually shares some of his hair-styling experiences on the site, and spends hours a day updating the site. After six months or so the operation has a certain popularity, hundreds of of the flow per day, a good time of 1000 or so. But these are high quality visitors. At first he only did some Baidu Alliance advertising, occasionally selling some ads to some scissors, very cheap only 200 one months. One months down with affiliate advertising fees. It's about 1000 bucks. Minus his 300 space fee. Sometimes there is money to change what the cost, on average one months of sweat only hundreds of income, not enough he one months of smoking and drinking water money.

But then I talk with him when the time is already a monthly income of 20,000, high when 30,000 more than one months. I wonder how he made it. It turns out that most of his web site is made up of hair stylists or someone who just learned to cut hair. He began to sell some cut books and CDs on the Internet. These things are not available in small cities and small towns, where he works in large cities and is near the wholesale center. The cost of these discs is only a few dollars a piece, sell out dozens of yuan, a profit on a good dozens of dollars. Slowly he started selling things full-time. Also opened a Taobao shop, operating more hair stylist supplies. Because people often go to his website also more trust him, so the business is particularly good. But the best sell is some of the CD-cutting tutorial.

At least 15 a day, most people want a few. If there's a 40 profit. 40x15=600 just sold the disc for 18,001 months. There are also some scissors profit is very high, the general hair stylist use more than 300 pieces of scissors. A profit of about 40%.

A hundreds of flow of stations from doing the affiliate ads earn hundreds of dollars a month to 20,000 monthly income. This jump is very, very big. This person is still QQ friends, and sometimes I will pay attention to him. This half year busy is very few chats.

So, as long as the quality of visitors to your site is good. Hundreds of flow of the station can also be more than 20,000 monthly income.

Section Fourth: Creating Paid projects

The website has the popularity and the fan many stationmaster will not use. If you have good resources or work with a few friends with resources, create some paid projects. Do not know if you know that there is a doctor called the application of spring rain. This app is for some online doctors to do disease counseling. Many netizens believe this app because they are all online doctors replying. Usually a little headache fever or children uncomfortable things will like to use this application to find online doctor counseling. The 2-year free spring doctor is almost always losing money. However, the introduction of the membership fee service, let him open up a sustainable business model. Free consultation needs to line up, members do not need. A few dollars one months a lot of people actually will give. According to the test results of some trails, spring rain doctor on the user's pay rate between 5%~7%, according to 15 million user calculation, spring rain can get 750,000 ~105 million income every month, except for the medical division, the annual cumulative income of around million.

Sometimes not doing everything must be free, sometimes the introduction of paid projects can not only make you profitable but also make employees feel that this is a sustainable business model. Why do I have to give examples here? If the business is not profitable for a long time, doctors will feel hopeless and feel that the subsidy is not earned on their own. There is a feeling of charity on the person, can not find their own dignity. If these doctors don't do it, this app is going to be a bust.

Create paid projects you can combine your own resources and sites to dig. For example, I did a little test in my micro-letter today. Before the release of several articles are major Webmaster network reproduced and is recommended to the home page. A lot of webmaster read after also add my micro-letter and I communicate. Today, I said in the micro-letter that I wrote 2 articles, "He is how to earn millions of through a post" and "stationmaster will see how to maximize the profit of your site" who want to see can pay 10 yuan to read. Of course, some friends will say, how much money ah. But most of my friends said they would pay to read my 2 articles. And some directly sent me to purchase links. In fact, I'm just doing a test for what I'm going to write about a personal blog and how to develop fans and paid items from the media, and there's no real charge. But the test proves that someone will buy it if you dare to sell it. If you do a good job and 100 people buy it, you can earn 1000 bucks in a few hours. If you don't really want to make them pay, you can leave a payment link address at the end of the article. If you feel the article is good, you can reward the author. These methods are feasible. The key is to build high-quality fans. (I will make a detailed share of this in future articles)

It's written here today, it's not easy to write an article. I hope you can absorb something after reading. Of course, people of different thinking absorb different points. Some of the usual tricks, but take care of the novice, also wrote out. Feel good can reply to support me. Feel bad can also reply to spray me, but do not spray too strong line, if you have anything do not understand the welcome to add my micro-letter communication.

Summary: No matter what kind of site you have, be sure to take advantage of the resources you can use. In order to maximize profits. There is enough money to be made. To be able to talk about development and do newer projects. Otherwise, everything is empty talk. Personal stationmaster first feed good oneself and family first, remember, this is you do professional stationmaster's mission.

(Author: Mutual pass webmaster Net-Mammon micro-letter: a11286685)

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