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The development of an enterprise to today if not its own site is a difficult to imagine things, not to mention to achieve e-commerce. The development of the network makes the transmission of information more rapid, simple, no enterprise information on the network, for any enterprise and consumers are not a thing to be thankful for. Because the enterprise has lost publicity to broaden its sales channel platform, consumers can not directly interact with the enterprise, and even make consumers doubt whether the existence of enterprises, enterprises whether this is the strength! Of course, most companies already have their own websites, However, the existence of these sites only indicates that the existence of the site does not really serve the enterprise, bringing benefits to the enterprise. It exists only as a façade, a platform for providing information. Small and medium-sized enterprises to take advantage of E-commerce to use the hands of the resources to carry out e-commerce, network marketing as the core of E-commerce, how to carry out network marketing, how to effectively maximize the network marketing is to carry out e-commerce must consider the problem.

After a period of learning summary and practice, the following several key points must be known in the core network marketing of E-commerce.

First: Positioning analysis.

E-commerce operation is to have a plan, there are routines. A good idea is the key to the success of the website operation, can make the development of the Web site operation of E-commerce to save a lot of effort and funds. It is necessary to make a good location analysis for the website. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the positioning of the analysis should be combined with the characteristics of their own products, use their existing resources to carry out some market research, while the network of their competitors to do some analysis, and then summed up their own website business plan.

At the same time we want to carry on the electronic commerce pattern unifies own characteristic to carry on the localization. The theory of electronic commerce is only in the ideal state of E-commerce or E-commerce development after some of the basic features, in the current situation to pursue the theoretical e-business model is not practical and meaningless.

To their own products and characteristics of a number of analysis, the industry's competitors in the analysis, combined with different characteristics of some innovation, improve their own e-commerce development ideas, a set of suitable for the industry of this product development planning is a basic work of e-commerce.

Second: The construction of e-commerce platform.

E-commerce platform is the basis of e-commerce, the construction of a good network marketing and customer needs of the network platform for network marketing is very helpful. The construction of e-commerce platform should be analyzed and diagnosed from the following aspects:

Site structure Diagnosis: The structure of the site is reasonable, whether efficient, convenient, whether to meet the user access habits, whether it is conducive to the search engine included.

Site Page Diagnostics: Whether the page code is concise, whether the page is clear, the page capacity is appropriate, the page color is appropriate, whether there are some corner of the page, whether it is in line with the user's habits.

File and file name Diagnostics: File format, file name, etc. a good file name is helpful for increasing the chance of a file being accessed.

Access System Analysis: Statistical system installation, routing analysis, Regional analysis, visitor analysis, keyword analysis, etc. the analysis of these attributes makes us dynamically understand the user's habits, find their own problems, to solve the problem provides a good reference. At the same time for our marketing strategy formulation and adjustment, analysis of customer demand is also a great help.

Promotion Strategy Diagnosis: whether the website promotion strategy is effective, whether backward, whether adopt the compound promotion strategy, the promotion strategy has made full use of own resources and so on.

Third: Network Marketing analysis

At present, there are many ways and means of internet marketing, including login search engine, email promotion, Internet advertising, exchange link/advertising interchange, posting information on business-to-business websites or registering enterprises, and publishing website information in newsgroups and forums. Whether from the cost, ease of use and effectiveness of the consideration, login search engines are enterprises to expand visibility, promote their own products and services ideal choice. If enterprises can make full use of this favorable condition and actively carry out online marketing, they will surely get greater development. Paid search engine marketing is a very effective way, but because of the existence of industry competition and the characteristics of marketing itself, this kind of paid marketing has caused great capital cost to the enterprise. Some well-known websites and companies for search engine optimization This free marketing method is very important, of course, this free marketing is also the need for human and capital investment but compared with the pay is very advantageous. Do search engine optimization from the following aspects of the analysis:

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