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The day before yesterday, just set up a Shenzhen talent network: www.017job.cn after one months of planning, set up a new mode of operation, or to the enterprise fee, but the model is not the same as the major talent network, of course, the model is not likely to speak out, relying on people with brain thinking, want to do a talent network, A few things must be done well.

One: can bring the talent net to the enterprise?

Two: Can you bring job candidates?

Third: Do not need to carry out the talent façade to recruit job?

Four: Can you change the business model of the website?

Five: When the enterprise to pay you, is not to wait for a year the enterprise again payment? or want to in this year to let enterprises recruit satisfied talent? (How to think for yourself)

VI: When the job search in your site posted a resume job search information, can do to reply within two days? Can't keep a job search waiting.

Seven: Do not need to carry out face-to-face recruitment, job search on the network, can do? Face-to-face recruitment not only takes time for job seekers but also strikes confidence, because in face-to-face communication, too many people, the scene will be very confusing (I have not been to the job market interview), the conversation is in half an hour and dozens of minutes, In almost 6 hours of recruitment, enterprises or job seekers have not completed their own wishes, but also wasted admission fees, change this mode, can do?

Eight: The talent network business model is through the enterprise charges, the charge of the enterprise can be displayed in the site more attention, there are talent can be notified first, but you can do to allow the charges of enterprises to find talent? Can let the enterprise feel the money is spent is the value?

Want to operate the network is not a simple thing, must combine the thinking of the enterprise job seekers to go. Think about the Talent network operation mode and business needs, do not temporarily enthusiastic, buy space, the online program or write programs, put on the internet, I have a talent network.

Maybe I write bad, maybe I write very well, this is a train of thought, a point of thought, I think of things I will not put out, unless it really is useless to me!

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