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With the further development of the Internet era, more and more people began to contact the network, and the network is made up of countless sites, how to make your site in many sites stand out? This is to mention the design of the site, so what kind of designers to make your site stand out?

First of all, each site has a basic design, which is its framework. It can be said that design is ubiquitous, but in fact many companies do not make good use of this point. The modern design probably came to China more than more than 20 years ago, but in countries such as the United States and Europe, the design has been more than 100 years old. In the design has not entered China, no one has mentioned the concept of "user experience", at that time, we are talking about the combination of technology and aesthetics, commonly known as technical aesthetics; everyone thinks a product as long as the function OK, style OK, then OK. There are still many enterprises have not changed over, has been used in the past technical aesthetics, and do not know what the design, even the designer is equal to art. At the same time, the designers themselves have not to establish a standard, thinking or stay at the art level, so their potential is far from the real designer's standards.

The real designer is not only to do the PPT well, a good designer in the enterprise is completely can dudangyimian and can speculate the trend of future development. For example, in the 50 's, if you asked the Americans, "what is the design of home appliances?" All people are afraid to tell you that home appliances should be put in a closet like furniture, but the Japanese answer is different, they think home appliances should have their own unique side, home appliances to have a metal shell, but to be very lightweight, Very practical. It is because of a design concept such as the Japanese that makes them occupy most of the market. This example shows that designers should have their own creative thinking, their own this thinking into their own works, and use their own works to guide the potential of the user's thinking. So how do we do that?

Usually, there are three kinds of methods that designers often use and compare classics: the first is observation. Observe the user's behavior, understand the user's difficulties, explore potential opportunities, discover their own inspiration and turn the inspiration into a product, and give it to the user to experience. Rather than now often see the method of market research, simple to do a questionnaire, the idea of what they think of as a, B, C, D four answers, and then let users to do multiple-choice questions, and finally to confirm an idea. The second method is simulation, that is, the potential of the new product simulation and production to the user to use, the designer itself to the user's use of the process of observation, to explore the use of products in the process of problems, and then further to transform and improve their original design concept. The product that is made by simulation is usually well evaluated when it is finally listed, because it is closer to the user's needs. The third Way is to tell stories. This method is usually used in the enterprise high-level planning, designers can be their own design ideas with a number of storyline, and finally put forward their own design intention to persuade the company to carry out a number of new product creation.

Designers should have their own design thinking, this kind of thinking should be people-oriented, but also must be a creative thinking. This people-oriented innovative thinking, from the user's experience point of view, pay more attention to the user's feelings, followed by the so-called business interests. However, most companies are just the opposite, first consider their business interests such as "How to increase their clicks, how to make more money," and finally consider the user experience, so the design of the site how to attract our users?

The above is my website designer's several understanding, hoped that can have the help to everybody, hoped that can and everybody many exchanges, has made our website to do more and more good. This article originates from NET, reprint please keep author link, thank you.

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