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Baidu 26th This big update, let many rely on buy outside chain or black chain webmaster tasted the pain, which of course also includes a lot of new webmaster, new webmaster successful, want to rely on buy outside the chain to get better rankings, the results outweigh the gains. How to obtain high-quality and efficient chain has been the webmaster headaches, I do not have a good idea, just talk about their own more than a year of research and try experience. Although not willing to hair, but see what many by K webmaster, really not blade heart, so transverse knife immediately, sent over. Hope to be helpful to everyone.

First, learn to use blogs

Blog, I think the webmaster know how to use the blog, but is not to use the point. We often say this: "Content is king". A website only good original content is kingly, of course, if your content is transferred more, will be Baidu to see the heavier, this point we all know that the following we apply a few blog, Tianya, and news, Sina, Baidu, NetEase and so on these several bar, also about 5, not too much, too much you busy.

Every day after you update the content of the website, began to update the blog, remember to update the blog is to add your site is included in the page, do not publish your site today just updated content, also three days or so, so you will have an endless stream of content to update your blog, two a day, insist on hair. Okay, calculate the time spent: every two posts, that is, a blog 10 points, I think enough, because it is purely replication.

To sum up the benefits of this: first of all, you will give your content to add keyword links, so that a copy will automatically bring hyperlinks. A new station your content is no one will copy, because no one knows you have such a station, in order to improve the weight of their site, so this time to learn to copy their own articles, their own promotion. Because the article has your keyword link, this is why we are in the Webmaster Station post there will always be, welcome reprint, and so on the word reason. However, we do not send a link too much, master appropriate, this is: links, although good, do not have a drinking!

Second, the Society forum

Forum, I believe that everyone is dismissive, here I say is you different.

Find a few weights high point forum, random search, usually in front of all is high quality. OK, registered members, add their own homepage, plus their own site links, and other personalized signature should be added. A total of registered 3--5, a day, a forum will send or return 5 posts. Too much. In the forum above, we generally choose the Government forum is better, this is because the search for the government-type site is relatively heavy power, and also frequented.

Third, Baidu know, search and ask

The use of these can be serious, can not be messed up, will be in the eyes of others activities. How to do it, for example, we can ask questions about our website, for example, Webmaster Web site is how much, the contents of the content are a few categories, is free to see it? And so on, in short, can not let people look at you this ad suspect it. Then use another number to answer to yourself, remember better to change the IP. Several major search cited are more focus on their own content. This is why search for a keyword, know or ask in the first few reasons, you think since it's heavy, then the link above it can be light, this reason to know. Well, that's it, Shandong Iron and Steel Network-- Welcome Everyone's visit and guidance. In fact, the above three points if you study carefully, you will find wonderful infinite, and finally summed up a sentence: blog support station, forum chain station, know about the station. What do you mean, everyone wants to do it, remember to work hard, try harder, then you are not far from success.

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