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Site construction of several steps: Select the domain name, purchase domain name, purchase virtual host or server, website construction. The general point is the above steps.

First, choose the domain name.

The importance of domain names.

The domain name in the website promotion has the very important significance, the sparrow small spite.

1. The meaning of the search engine

Chinese and English words, phrases do domain names have a positive effect on search engines. The weight of the rankings is said to be the largest.

2. Meaning to the viewer or user

This can also be counted into the user experience a good memory and meaningful domain name is very helpful to the site to promote the site of the initial construction, the popularity of the domain name is not good enough to remember that is worse.

What kind of domain name is better

. com. cn. org What kind of meaning is not written. Check it online. Org This kind of search engine performance is relatively good, we can test.

1. Length as short as possible.

2. The website needs to plan, if you have planned the content of the website, in the domain name contains the key word pinyin or the word is the best.

3. Mixed type, such as digital pinyin, pinyin English, should try to avoid.

Problems to be noticed in choosing domain names

Do not violate other people's trademarks, the new global domain name policy stipulates that the registered domain name can not contain trademarks or celebrity names, if your domain name violates this principle, not only will lose the ownership of registered domain name, and will be fined and prosecuted.

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