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The blog and the general website has many different places, the blog promotion Way and the website also has certain difference, this causes the blog "> traffic source also has some unique place, Understanding the source of blog traffic is necessary to do a good job of marketing blog.

1. Search engine

Search engines are the largest source of blog traffic, which has been confirmed in many blogs. At present, some of the main search flow of the blog from Baidu, Google, search, Yahoo Chinese and so on. In order to attract or expand the flow of search engines, you must master certain SEO techniques.

2. RSS Feed

In fact, many blogs with hosted RSS and Full-text output, the flow from the RSS reader will be reduced, but RSS as the training of loyal users is a great help. The way to promote RSS is to submit RSS to the RSS search site, for the RSS reader is recommended, in the favorable position of the blog to put RSS subscriptions, at the end of the article to remind users to subscribe to your blog and so on.

3. Web Bookmarks

The network bookmark here not only refers to the net pick, but also includes micro-blog, SNS and other social networking sites, if the use of these tools appropriate, it will also get a certain amount of traffic.

4. Interactive space

Forum, Baidu Bar, Baidu know some of the traditional interactive space to use good will bring a lot of traffic, sometimes also in Sina and other blogs on the establishment of blog, publish their own articles, guide users to read your original, in some PR and high flow of the site above the release of soft text or contribute is also a good choice.

5. Blog comments

Blog comments are different from the elements of some traditional websites, as bloggers often respond to readers of the comments will enhance the interaction between the blog, readers for the same comment will also go to other readers blog to stroll, if a relatively fire well-known blog, ranked first in the comments or messages can often get a lot of traffic. We often see some blogs are not famous, but each article has more than 50 comments, a lot of it is brought around.

6. Recommend each other

Recommendations are classified as being recommended and recommended by others. How to achieve being recommended by others, need to have a certain number of people (you know, or have a certain understanding), but also need you have some personality of high-quality original articles, it is said that Keso's reading list can often bring a lot of traffic to some blogs, Some well-known bloggers will also increase the flow of their subscribed blogs by exposing their subscription lists. Recommend others based on the essential needs of the blog, but also based on the traditional Chinese culture, you recommended my article, I have the opportunity to recommend you once, this is the embodiment of reciprocity. If you have any reason to recommend or comment on my article, then I will think you are my bosom friend, once this idea is formed, then he will subscribe to your article to recommend your blog to his own readers.

7. Topic Marketing

It is also an interactive tool for blogging, but it can be a source of blog traffic if it is consciously operated by an organization or small group. Sometimes this is intentional and sometimes unintentional, but it should also count as a source of traffic for the content discussed in this article.

8. Attract eyeballs

Attracts the eyeball to be able to do the article to be more, plainly is through a series of means and the method causes other people's disgust or the attention just. For example: someone who writes something that is not reasonable in normal thinking and challenges some celebrities and then causes a lot of work. The author of the first site has been transferred to a "Zhao is Mulan" article, at least in the search engine appeared in the first original is the author of the blog, this article was in both blogs China and 365KEY were put to the hot text to recommend, So some people sent me a review to tell me how many of them have written several argumentation of the article to launch a challenge, because the author is not original, did not accept, the end of this matter, if once the author is original, see such a provocation, it may cause some network controversy. Whoever wins the game will bring the mouse traffic to the theater.

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