Teach the novice stationmaster from 0 to build the station to graduate

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When I write this title, I am destined to spend energy to complete the contents of the title Ah, (Ah, tired), the first chapter of the contents of 6 steps.

Are the novice stationmaster ready? When you step into the industry you will pay more than others, if there is no problem, then look down,

First step, Site type:

First think about what you want to do, analysis of the station you want to do how the market,

It is better not to ask others what to do stand up, to see for themselves,

Capital investment and human resources input, should be matched together analysis,

For example, I do music station, the money is spent on the server, the manpower is spent on the update, you can do it? Do it, do not do it, do not do, think well? Then the second step

The second step, the website domain name, the website space:

A good site combined with a good domain name is the perfect combination of analysis of the type of their site, and then take a site to meet their own domain name,

Space: First we need a 200M space, about 200 pieces, guarantee can run fast, do not play today open, tomorrow will not open, if you go to a store to buy things, open today, tomorrow will not open, you wait until the day after, the day after tomorrow, then you would think, the next day will not open it? Will I run away again?

The third step, the website program:

Site type, domain name, space are all done. On the website program, how to find the site program?

can come to China webmaster here the next source program. Modify yourself, beginners must learn HTML, the other does not matter, HTML must be, find a good program, and then upload to space, and then ... See next

Fourth Step, website title:

China Webmaster Station-Webmaster Information | We are committed to the Chinese site to provide power! You see this title, completely in line with the content of Chinese webmaster Station title, there are ideas? Have a good think of their own site content, combined with content to configure the site title, so that people and people combine

The fifth step, the website keyword:

Key words can determine the ranking of the site good and bad, this will take some energy to think, think well, then use the key Word tool to test the heat of the key word, not too hot not too cold, generally good, such as my website is the entrepreneurial network, I use the key words: entrepreneurial articles, entrepreneurial ideas, entrepreneurial information, such as the word, not hot or cold , just enough temperature, key words to rely on their own to fully think, preferably in a group of four words, four groups are the best, these please see some SEO articles will help.

6th step, website content:

A website has the content is called the website, has the content does not represent is the good website, has the good content is the good website, how has the good content? First analysis of their own website column to do content, analysis of good, we must adhere to update 50 articles above, do not be afraid of tired, afraid tired don't say anything, do not specify to write original articles, you can copy, but to change, how to change will see their own play, do not collect, listen to me right.

Complete these 6 steps, the next one I will continue to say "website promotion" proposal first three months do not insist to promote, with content will have promotion,

My website: http://www.haoyuco.cn brand Investment and entrepreneurship network

Webmaster Query tool: http://tool.admin5.com

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