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The business site is different from the general site, the key to success lies in the operation of ideas and resource integration, based on my years of experience, is summed up some basic ideas for friends to refer to the Exchange:

Operation of the website can start from two aspects: first, the website operation is all related to the website activity general name, including art, technology, sale, market, content maintenance and so on, are the website operation work; second, in addition, the website operation is to throw away the technology. Art and other aspects of independent things, in some professional network companies, basically set up a network operation management Department, department leaders generally referred to as Network Director, CEO and so on.

So what are the details of the site operation? mainly including the website needs collation and analysis, the content channel construction, the website marketing plan, the product improvement maintenance as well as the Department coordination Communication and so on concrete content. The following analysis, these five aspects of the work content, exactly how to proceed.

Analysis of business needs collation

The key to the operation of the site is to seize the user's needs, this is the basis for the survival of the site, on this, planning the site to improve the development of the program, for the scheme to be detailed to each link, to be clear to the user of each behavior. If necessary, but also to carry out investigation forensics or statistical analysis, only in this way we can plan a valuable demand program, after all, the site to survive the environment is changing, far-sighted planning in the network can not change the market on the foot, the comprehensive evaluation of the recommendations and the desirability of the program.

Next is the demand for innovation, this is directly related to the characteristics of the site, features of the site will be remembered by netizens, and often to visit, so only more valuable, will get the favor of search engines. For example, the www.admin5.com of all columns is very fine, and the layout is very organized, users can easily find the information they need after landing.

In addition, needs analysis to strengthen the industry's opponents of painstaking research. Research the location and value of competitor website product Service, study the operation plan of competitor website. If you can find a bright spot, it is better to pursue the "doctrine" directly.

Content Channel Construction

Content channel construction is the most important part of website operation. The entire commercial website, provides the most to the user is the information, from some news class website may see directly. The content of the website determines what kind of food you do to the user. At the same time to strengthen some of the online communication and customer service functions, such as search, instant chat, and so on, the use of these functions is ultimately for users to obtain the desired information.

Content channel construction, need the work is specialized editor to complete. Full-time editorial staff, do the work is also the scope of the site operation, belong to the site operation of the important members of the work.

Site content Construction, is a long-term accumulation of the process, it is necessary to persist overnight. At the same time, attention should be paid to the improvement of website content quality, editors should be as far as possible to pursue high-quality content information. Many small websites, or some large ones, have editors who assume the roles of operators. That is to be responsible for the editorial column information, but also need to ask, do a good job planning and suggestions for improvement and so on.

Business Website Planning

Said website planning, we summarized as: Prophase market Research, feasibility analysis, competitor website research and analysis, planning scheme document writing, explain business processes and so on. Website planning is the key to building a site, we emphasize that only the real planning of the site program, will eventually be a good site, a real application of the value of the site. Because, as netizens use the need to improve. Search engine technology to improve the site itself put forward higher requirements.

According to user needs, do detailed and thoughtful marketing planning. For example, the title and content of the article how to display, how to put the function plate, advertising location, etc., need to be effective, reasonable and scientific research decisions.

Site page planning and design is more different. Generally divided into multi-level pages, page planning is relatively elementary, but the site page design is more important. We always think that the page designers to fill in the picture plus color, the Web page into a beautiful experience, can let customers or users get goodwill.

Service Product Maintenance Perfect

Product maintenance and improvement work, and the above requirements collation analysis has some similarities. Here, we are more emphasis on the site to provide product maintenance work. Only customer product maintenance work done, to solve the user's worries, to form a good reputation corresponding, so that customers become a loyal product users, customers will be transmitted to the friends around, so that the product will get more users.

In most network companies, the general recruitment has a lot of customer staff. The general technical personnel to the company's product technology understanding very little, this time needs to strengthen the customer personnel the technical training and the management, must from the professional angle to "the customer" through the line service.

Coordinate the work of various departments

A large commercial site, is usually a few decades or even hundreds of people's team, the site operation needs to be coordinated by various departments to complete, this part of the work, more embodies the role of each functional department management. Operators because they know the entire site operation, knowledge relatively comprehensive, and art, technical personnel, testing, marketing and other departments of coordination and communication work, more by the site operators to control.

As a website operation professionals, must have a strong communication and coordination capabilities. Because to help with different role departments each professional department personnel have their own professional thinking mode, operators and their dealings with the ability to have professional thinking, it is conceivable that in the process of communication, he will encounter a variety of do not understand or difficult to communicate the phenomenon, these are more normal things. Sometimes the operators argue with the technology and the designers, and it is possible to find a solution to the problem in the collision of ideas.

An excellent website operation management personnel, need to have professional knowledge, language writing ability, program planning ability, interpersonal coordination communication ability, project management ability, innovation ability and so on comprehensive quality. With the growth of the company's Web site operators, the professional website operators, but also become more and more, but excellent operators, but rare, after all, professional operators are from the practice of coming out, with more training to have a deep practical experience.

In the above analysis, you will undoubtedly see that the successful business site is actually the competition for talent, only with excellent operation talent, the probability of a successful website operation will be greater. Article Source: http://www.hn125.com Zhengzhou Network Camp A5 First, reproduced please specify, thank you!

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