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&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; A report compiled by security company Dasient shows that 5.8 million pages of about 640,000 sites are infected with malicious code.

In April, according to data published by Microsoft, the figure was only about 3 million. Dasient co-founder Ameet Ranadivé says hackers can easily distribute large amounts of malware by attacking servers, and webmasters have trouble figuring out which parts are infected and finding vulnerabilities to prevent the next horse from hanging.

It is estimated that 54.8% of the attacks from the malicious javascript,37.1% injected into the site from the malicious attack from the IFRAME, and the installation of Adobe Reader,adobe Flash but not upgraded to the latest version of the user is often the most vulnerable to attack the object.

Yesterday Scholar's It school station again to hang the horse. This is really depressing, because it is another time to hang the horse, not the first time. Because last night a friend to my reaction, open it College Station, browser prompts a Trojan horse. I hurried to the interrogation, looking for the Trojan. But also very grateful to stand on the front line has been to someone else's website hanging horse garbage people, because you repeatedly to my site hanging horse, let me find a very easy way to find the location of the Trojan horse. This method is simple and effective, not exclusive, so write to share with everyone.

The website that hangs a horse generally, use a browser to open, will prompt the website to be hanged horse, forbid open. Internet Explorer generally will be in the lower right corner pop-up small window reminder form, and Google Browser and 360 of browsers, etc., will generally directly prohibit access to the horse-hanging website. Here's a screenshot to illustrate the problem. (I use Google browser)

(browser opens the hint of the horse website being hanged)

And then open "Please visit Google Security Scan Diagnostics page", screenshot as follows:

(This will show the domain of the Trojan)

Next good to do, landing server, open your site folder, click Search, in the search box to enter the domain of the Trojan key words, such as "Lovebb"

(search results, found out)

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