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For the 404 error page I believe many old webmaster should be very clear, I write this article today is not for what, but for those who just stepped into the SEO novice webmaster, this is not a long talk about the content, but the author combined with his own experience to make the conclusion, For novice webmaster is a very worthy of reference tutorial.

Do seoer in the process of optimizing the site is the most left is the 404 error page, the author found that many of the new opening in the site is responsible for no 404 pages, not even open, after the author asked seemingly they do not know what 404 is. To put it simply: 404 of the page is intended to tell the viewer that the page they are requesting does not exist or that there is a link error, while directing the user to click on other pages of the site instead of closing the window to leave.

Custom 404 error page in the enhanced user experience is a very good practice, the author in this period of time summed up a number of quick to do 404 page and set 404 method, a total of three steps, the following author details with you novice webmaster Exchange it!

One: Look for 404 pages that look good on other sites

See other people's website has good error page, but they want to design and will not design, how to do? The author and everyone is not programming language and PS, so this is going to find a way, this time we will see who has a good page on the site.

For example: The author wants to do 404 pages, suddenly see A5 webmaster network 404 error very good-looking, and then heth the page, with some means to fix it. This advantage is the province of their own to design and write, but also the province of their own to find 404 error page and worry.

Two: Steal 404 pages and modify page content

When you see a nice 404 error page, try to get this page down. This time we will learn to "steal" to see who has a good site on the 404 page to "steal", and then modify the code and pictures. Then you can easy!

The author will "steal" the method summed up 2, as follows:

The first step: Enter the WWW.***.CN/DFSDFSDF two-level domain name after the browser can be casually filled out, and then appear the error page, through the browser to view the source code of this page, Create a new local notepad named 404.html, copy the code into Notepad, change some absolute address to their own, and then find some pictures in the source code address, copy the picture address to the browser to save the picture to the desktop, create a new 404 folder.

The second step: View 404 steps, like the first step, after the page is opened, the General 360 browser will be saved as a, and then click Save As, all of this page saved to the local, so that neither create their own new folder also do not own new Notepad, directly downloaded after the change in the information, How simple!

Three: Upload to your own website and open 404

will be modified 404 pages and code to upload to their own root directory, the file is divided into two 1, 404 folder 2, 404.html page. After uploading good access to their domain name www.***.cn/404/404.html if the display is normal, if you do not show the need to upload or make other adjustments.

Upload good after want to achieve 404 effect need to open 404 settings, the general mainstream of the virtual host Control Panel has 404 open function, and then click on the open settings can be, if it is a stand-alone server like Linux directly in the Apache configuration file to find comments out of the code will be 404 open.

The above is the author summed up the 404 methods, hoping to help those novice webmaster, at the same time this article only for beginners Oh, veteran please pass! I wish you all to do SEO in 2013 years to a higher level!

This article for the original manuscript, by Huang Original, starting A5, reproduced please specify the source! Thank you! The article is made up of five elements vegetable soup: http://www.niubang.cn.

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