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February 2011, an imitation discuz template webmaster, from nothing to now have their own site to promote their own. 1.5 of the time, although there are stumbling, but finally from the dark to find a light. Here my experience and lessons to write, I hope to be in the new webmaster Some less detours enlightenment, at the same time, before the bottleneck, hope to get the industry's predecessors more guidance.

In the past, I have published a full-time webmaster in A5 life, day and night no income, the coffin forward. But China's Internet development situation, always can attract more people into the plight of the webmaster team. I was one of them, 1.5 of the time passed, imitation market appreciation of the space constantly with the water, in order to better development, I am in the technology and sales fork at the crossroads constantly wandering.

Template Market Analysis

I am a station to help the webmaster, February 11 resignation began to clone Discuz template. First experienced 3 months almost no single state, every day in addition to learning template imitation technology, is to do promotion. Later, I created my own blog to attract users through the continuous updating of the station tutorial. By August 11, six months of insistence, finally can catch a breath, and the official at the time of the template Contest award, business volume increased a lot.

But go down, the more clearly see, template market is not previously clear, stealing templates often happen. The template that you painstakingly take time to elaborate imitation, the first batch is "expert" to take away, revise the basic information to sell, even if the information does not revise, hit your name to sell. In the face of various phenomena, you have no way to prohibit. and imitation station, easy to get started, you may not need a deep art skills can be completed, coupled with price war, fear soon, the industry will appear oversupply saturation.

I would like to remind you imitation station peers, for the benefit of customers, but also in order to upgrade themselves, please maintain the green environment in the industry. It is the key to strengthen one's own development in the long run without compromising the interests of others.

Technology vs Sales

Although I can not say that I am a master of imitation station, but also is the ranks of skilled imitation station. All along, I have faith for customer service, for more grassroots webmaster service objectives, to carry out their own business. My motto "Because of focus so professional" can be witnessed. Certainly does not rule out the various people to me different opinion, this is the service industry cannot avoid. In the forecast of the template market, I prepare myself for the transition.

In March 12, I created a station to help the network, mainly to the novice webmaster to solve the problem, and provide a novice to build the station tutorial, so that more webmaster can learn from each other to communicate with each other. At the beginning of August, the station helps the network to open the free training channel for the users who need to learn to build stations. My technology is not advanced, but with novice webmaster introduction, I think I can help them. Although there are only a few people at present, I am willing to help more beginners. If you are also a novice, you can go to the station to help the network to join the official QQ Group Contact webmaster (to avoid the suspicion of advertising is not convenient to provide group numbers).

Station to help the network has been in an orderly manner, in strengthening their ability at the same time, I want to learn PHP, but also want to worry about the template plugin developers, turn to do their work sales. But life time is limited, energy is limited, and now the internet to fine quasi-kingly, what all understand in fact do not understand anything.

Wandering around at this crossroads, learning PHP, learn it? Do development, at present do not easily copied plug-ins, but do not guarantee that no later crack the technology, the internet IT industry green components, I think everyone will be troubled! Do sales? Gather a group of developers working together for common Development, In the age of materialistic materialism is not easy! Grumble, anyway, I think, in my more in-depth look at the development trend of the Internet, see the prospects of two roads, I should be more accurate. Training will continue, the transformation is imminent, look forward to more valuable suggestions, but also to help more owners see the road ahead. Thank www.zhanhelp.com Webmaster feeds!

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