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First, the Chinese webmaster station material http://sc.chinaz.com

Chinese Webmaster Station from the original source for the webmaster sources, and gradually expanded to provide material materials for the design industry, including templates, icons, vectors, fonts, wallpaper and so on.

The scope of the material involved a relatively broad, but the current site source template for its main force, and advertising design materials slightly deficient.

Advantages: A wide variety of materials.

Disadvantage: lack of advertising design materials, search function is not friendly.

Second, the http://www.nipic.com Map Network

The network is a toll material station in the industry boss, to provide a large number of vector pictures and source files, basic to meet the needs of low-end designers daily work, but each picture is charged mode, so many entry-level designers deterred.

Advantages: High precision picture, rich variety

Disadvantage: Charge

Third, I map Network http://www.ooopic.com

I figure the founder of Han Enlai with its own advantages in two years time to put a person new station to play the second largest toll site, it is really impressive. The website picture quantity has reached millions, the coverage kind is extremely widespread. But I am now basically completely in the business model of meager profit, the quality of a little higher are taken when the genuine sold, sharing the material quality of the class is getting worse.

Advantages: Rich picture types, genuine material quality is high.

Disadvantages: High quality material charges higher, the general designer can not ask.

Four, station cool http://www.zcool.com.cn

Station cool has been revised for some time, from this revision to see a lot of failures from say, many people also said more successful. Ah, in my personal point of view, is more successful, now stand cool became designers learn to build CuO good place, which brings together a large number of senior designers. So the material aspects of the development of a few times, vector class material is quite a bit more.

Advantages: Exquisite material, free download.

Disadvantage: The type is not complete, download speed is slightly slow.

Five, Amoy Map Network http://www.taopic.com

Amoy map to create the most professional design material library, only to do design materials to share this piece. Content covers: PSD material, vector materials, high-definition pictures, photo studio templates and so on. As long as you use the station will be attracted by its various aspects of user experience design, the development of the material to help the platform is no less than Baidu know the platform, plus the quality and practicality of the material is extremely high, as well as a large number of daily updates, so that this emerging site in a relatively short period of time to gain the favor of the design circle people.

Advantages: high-quality Material network, no advertising, good user experience.

Disadvantage: The amount of material is less than.

Vi. http://www.missyuan.com Forum

Think Edge Forum is posted in the form of post, download need to log in and to certain points, points to obtain a method easier, can publish works and materials can be obtained, mainly provide vector, Gao Jingtu, photoshop material, studio Templates and design tutorials, photo Studio template This piece can be called the most domestic.

Advantages: The quality of the material is relatively high, and relatively large material files are packaged to download, to solve the problem of downloading large file volumes!

Disadvantages: Forum Search is not very convenient, the new version of the search system is still in the testing phase.

Seven, love graph net http://www.aiimg.com

In the growing process of love graph network, a major transformation, from the former completely free material transition to some high-quality material charges, because the material quality is high, practical, has been the support of many users and love, has been for 4 million designers to provide material download services, become the industry's well-known brands.

Advantages: PSD material is more comprehensive, the material quality is high, practicality is strong.

Disadvantages: Site experience slightly worse, the total amount of material to be upgraded.

Eight, red move China http://www.redocn.com

Chinese gas is the most prosperous graphic design forum, a large number of graphic designers and design-related personnel online interactive exchange, design platform to provide design work appreciation, material download, design tutorials Learning, design information and so on.

Advantages: Strong online interaction, a good place for junior designers to learn how to improve their skills.

Disadvantage: High quality material is not a lot.

Nine, hundred map http://www.5tu.cn

I have been known as the map Net, after a number of objective reasons for the change to hundred map, the station by the Exchange forum, shared library, original map library three parts of the composition, member interaction is strong, the replies can obtain download points, original gallery of material quality is very high. Shared library download words are based on the size of the material and deducted the corresponding points, integration system needs to be further improved.

Advantages: The original gallery of material quality is very high.

Disadvantages: Forum Search is not convenient, integration system is not friendly.

Ten, material China http://www.sccnn.com

Material China has been providing advertising designers with practical design materials, content of high-precision pictures, vector materials, 3D models, wallpaper and so on. Before all materials can be downloaded free of charge, and later the development model has slightly changed, a small number of high-quality materials also need points. Overall material volume is still more, PSD material and Design source manuscript is less, expect this piece also can fill up.

Advantage: The free material occupies the main body, the material classification is finer.

Disadvantages: The PSD type material is few, the search is extremely inconvenient.

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