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In the Internet, Business-to-business (business-to-business), like E-biz, is a way of trading products, services, or information between businesses. Although the early hotspots were focused on the retail of the Internet, there are predictions that in the near future, business-to-business earnings will be far more than that of the consumer, according to a 2000 study in which business-to-business ratios were 10:1 per retail. For the next five years, Business-to-business is expected to achieve 41% annual growth.

Business-to-business sites can be divided into five categories: Enterprise sites, product supply and procurement of trading sites, specialized sites, agent sites and information sites.

In addition, a business-to-business enterprise is a software company that develops a business-to-business site, including the development of site architecture tools, templates, databases, methodologies, and trading software.

In the process of writing any column planning, we must first express clearly, the user's needs, that is, we want the total user needs of the site to continue to subdivide, subdivided into each column, each page, is the previous 5 part of the analysis of the results of a specific implementation. For example: "> Home page user needs, supply and demand of business opportunities column user needs are different, the first pages on the site all visitors, the relationship between the user The first impression of this site, so we will be in the module division to take into account the most common needs of all users of the column to the most important site, or will pay the customer's information to the most important position. In writing the column planning book, there are specific steps, below to explain in detail:

1, the determination of the Sub column

Whether a column should have a sub column, we need to study the analysis to determine, a column on behalf of a user group of some kind of demand. At the same time a satisfying demand, need a product or platform to complete, a product or platform value embodiment, need a lot of links can be perfect embodiment, so in the column planning, often according to the site in different stages of development, with the strength and other factors to set the corresponding sub columns, rather than blind That the user needs of the sub columns are set. For example, the Information Center column of the industry Business-to-business website, generally includes: Information list, industry topic, industry interview, Industry Weekly, trade show, etc., because they have the same attributes, are to provide industry information, but the expression is different. For example: the content of the user's focus on the aggregation; interview: In the industry for an event or someone to do in-depth interviews. And these two columns, in the early stage of the team did not have the strength to operate, you can give up.

2. Analysis of column performance

A web site should have a different form for the service object (institution or person). Some sites provide only concise textual information, while others use multimedia techniques to provide gorgeous images, flashing lights, complex page layouts, and even downloadable audio and video clips, while providing a good interactive function, leading users to communicate, contribute and so on. For example: Service to individual career-related needs and personal entertainment needs, is very different expression. At the same time, the main content of this column is the user contribution or site collection, or both have to write out.

In the page planning of the industry website, the mistake we often make is to plan our column according to the idea of the website of the enterprise, because many of the practitioners of the industry website start from doing the enterprise website, including the designer, and often make such mistakes, in my series report the second "Industry business-to-business portal site Construction Research Report" There will be detailed instructions.

3, the overall style of the column analysis

There are a number of basic guidelines for the Web page planning of the industry's business-to-business portals, for example: The page face of the user needs more is related to the enterprise operation of personal and business needs, it appears relatively serious, and can not appear too much entertainment elements, the page should more reflect the latest, the essence of content, rather than beautiful frame pictures, convenient navigation, Page access speed, each small icon and text and the coordination of the page, to make the entire page look fine rather than give a rough impression, text and border must have a suitable distance, each module placed in order to meet the needs of users and so on.

4, the expansion of the column, security

In the planning of a column, we generally will be the direction of this column, the future scale, the future will be added to the new module has a clear understanding, so in our design pages and programs, will take into account the scalability. Different pages, different columns, its security requirements are not the same, and the user's interactive page, or only browsing the page, involving the user password, are different, take measures such as data encryption, access control, etc., specific instructions in the series of the second "Industry business-to-business portal site Construction Research Report" There will be detailed instructions.

5, listed column related reference page

In the planning process of the column page, we can not work behind closed doors, must be referred to dozens of or even hundreds of the same type of site, regardless of the layout of the page, or the style of the page, and related functions, we have to learn to reference the same type of site, the so-called standing on the shoulders of giants, Can make oneself plan to stand on a very high level. Every reference site has its advantages and disadvantages, but the premise is that we must want to understand, why they want to do so, they do the advantages of those, shortcomings have those, and through a variety of channels to verify that only we think clearly, can be the right choice, we will make progress, is not in the don't want to clear Chu before all to copy over.

Column planning to write on the relevant reference website, the superior leader to see this report, may be more recognition of your ideas. At the same time, designers will be based on your relevant reference site to understand your ideas more quickly to achieve the best results.

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