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I am a technical, writing skills, language is a bit bitter, readers forgive. Before work, I do some garbage station to play, like many webmaster, did collect, built a forum, used CMS and so on, anyway webmaster commonly used things I have played, but, like many people, are the failure of the end.

In December 08, I turned a technology into a website, a practical tool site, online production of CHM e-books, help documents. Website online after a lot of netizens praise. Site after several major revisions, has now been upgraded to version 3.0, the function has been relatively perfect, for survival problems, but also opened a number of fee-based services. The site's traffic is also slowly rising, from the original dozens of, up to now hundreds of, because before all amateur maintenance, so the development of some slow, and then quit the job, professional to do this site, development is faster than before, but still not ideal.

Now the problem with the website:

First, although the site features and convenience than the existing desktop software has advantages, but the intention to make e-books few people, every day is only a few e-books can be published, not achieve the ideal effect, so every day they have to spend a lot of time to update the content of the site, want to invite people to make e-books, but the personal money ability is limited, I can't afford it.

Second, the site's positioning problem site is a tool site, very convenient online production CHM help documents, electronic books, then the site is to be promoted to the enterprise, charging mainly, or to earn the main flow, the charge is possible, because the professional CHM help document General People are not able to do it, And so that the production of software are to spend money to buy, and on my website, everything becomes simple, if to earn the flow of the main, according to the current pace of development this site does not know what year and month to profit.

Third, the web site just online, there are people willing to pay me to buy this technology, because I want to do a good job of this site, so there is no betrayal of this technology, then now the Web site development has difficulties, now let me sell technology is not likely (unless the price to reach my expectations), if someone is willing to hold a stake, Do I have to run hard or accept investment?

None of this content was intended to be published anywhere, oneself just want to let this website slowly grow, have income, feed oneself, but now see investment a sum of a sum of Take out, buy a server, custodian fee, own day time, rent, water and electricity are all money, website popularity or not ideal, really anxious, I hope someone can help me, you can give me advice, you can also talk to me about cooperation. Interested parties contact QQ251028685.

This article stationmaster net starts, my website, welcome you to understand my website first. This article does not have the meaning of advertising!

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