The difference between server-renting and virtual host and its advantages

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Most of the owners will choose the server to rent, but "> rental server will also encounter many problems, This will be in the choice of a rental server carefully before the analysis of the server is good or bad! The main analysis is suitable for their own space and space speed.

We'll do an analysis first, start-run-Input: Ping IP address-t If your ping value is at 100MS, it is normal speed. In other words: This speed is right for you to use this space, and then you have to send this ping value to people in different parts of the other people, do a test. Look at the speed, do ping value when the attention can not open the download station, play software, so that affect the ping value.

Now we make a further analysis: Registration will--> login member--> Select trial at 8 o'clock in the morning-1 o'clock in the afternoon-night 8 o'clock, the three time period to do an analysis, ping value has not changed. There are many reasons why the server is slow: After a router failure, the CPU hundred percent of the ASP blocked. Objective analysis is long-term or contingency. In the choice of IDC: Try to choose some use of genuine sales system, the use of domain interface, not well-known IDC business, we try to choose the monthly pay to pay. Observe a period of time in the choice of quarterly pay, after-sales service to ask clearly, it is best to have telephone consultation. We have to take into account the interests of their own, reverse thinking: for example, we chose to rent the space configuration is: The CPU does not limit the bandwidth does not limit the IIS unrestricted, we have to do a reverse thinking. My ASP site congestion, resulting in the server hundred CPU, now you do not give me the limit, the entire server site slowly, so many sites, you have to suspend this site all day to ease the pressure of the server! This is a problem. If my site has more than 1000 people online. Then these are not limited, broadband let me take up, I just do not rent a server, here to account for broadband, server running pages are not open, I would like to ask you how to solve this problem.

1th: To understand a truth, the same 100M space and 1G space, 100M Why the price is more expensive than 1000M, spatial configuration of different, 1G is not as good as this person's 100M,

2nd: Agency issues, agents to make money, improve prices. We also have to understand a truth: there is no restrictions on freedom, a site out of the problem, we suffer together, ask some of the reverse thinking, so cheap so money, businesses really unprofitable, and no one so stupid.

1: The difference between server-renting and virtual host and its advantages

In the Operation form, the virtual host is the network data center will be the computer room of a server to build a number of virtual space, for example, through IIS to establish n Web sites, and then through the Serv to create n FTP accounts, each account of the FTP jurisdiction corresponding to its virtual host of the document space, Then the FTP account password to the user, the general user can only be managed through FTP, and can not directly manage IIS. In addition, if users need to install other components, the general need for an extra charge. If the MySQL database is used, then the virtual hosting business will charge the number of databases.

The server is rented by the data center to provide the server, and then set up a number of virtual hosts to each tenant; The number of rental of the server is very flexible, if you do not want too many people to rent in order to avoid affecting the performance of the server, you can choose 3-5 Personal rental, the cost of a year will not be very high, while the performance is guaranteed.

Advantages of Server Rental

Comparatively speaking, the server rents the price to be cheaper, more affordable: rent-sharing would like to raise housing, with the least investment in exchange for the largest return, for well-known space providers, the additional cost per server allocation is often quite large, and this part of the cost is ultimately borne by the user, so that the high price of space. The server-rent is based on this consideration. By the provider to buy the server and hosted in the data room, which saves a large part of the funds, the cost is inevitable down, small or personal web site to rent a single server, the cost is too high, at least 1000 yuan per month rent. If you use that kind of hundred gigabit virtual host space, also not appropriate, because IDC service providers often put a server to 200-500 users, and some even thousands of users, so that can be divided into their own hard disk and CPU resources are very few, but also traffic restrictions, IIS restrictions and so on. And the use of a rental server, generally as long as hundreds of, and more permissions, less restrictions!

2: The transformation of the digital analysis of combined rent

Example: A server cost 8000 yuan, high match. If used to do a virtual host. 200 sites to analyze, each site 80 yuan recovery count. 16000 Yuan! A server cost 8000 yuan, high match. If it's for rent. 30 sites, 500 yuan per site, 15000 yuan! 200 sites and 30-site servers which one do you choose? The price of the rental is low, very simple, fast recovery funds, less service. Maintenance is simple. The cost is slightly lower!

If you are interested in doing a rental can contact me QQ 186-314 (cooperation, agent, entrepreneurship) other do not Disturb!

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