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At present in the market a lot of mass software! A lot of software boast very good! For example, how much effect is guaranteed!! The effect of payment after the other count!

Long-term attention to mass software to everyone say some use mass software after the use of the feeling!!

The use of scholar friends: should be said to be relatively old mass software is the main advantage of early start function is relatively perfect! Mass Trade Yellow-page information! The rate of mass-mailing is faster! Enterprise Data release This piece is very good! Stick to mass general information can be in 36 hours up and down in Baidu search out!! For the enterprise site of the reverse link is still good! More suitable for those who sell products directly or the business site to publish! The search scope in the expansion, the key words can be infinitely more!! Change the hair!!

The use of worms: compared to the old blog mass tools! The effect is very significant! The reverse link effect is very strong! Price 1800 up and down! Suitable for people with a certain network base to use it!

New Black Horse Blog! Although it is a new experience a bit! Speed is also the success rate of general Cong! It is very convenient to collect basic knowledge! is unattended to do outside the chain of better tools!

In addition, there are some of these software!! And now a lot of blog mass and forum mass software!! Promotion of small assistants this type of

In fact, here is not to introduce you what software good!! The software is too much! There is no way one by one to explain! Here is the main share of the experience with mass software!

Broadly divided into: Mass mailing forum mass mail mass business Yellow Pages mass!

These types are common in the promotion of mass means! In these kinds of individuals more optimistic about the blog mass and Yellow Pages mass!! The analysis is like this! According to your own actual situation to operate do not take the condemnation!

Blog mass This type of software as long as the mass fast support many mainstream blog! And the success rate is relatively high! So this is very suitable for the site to do outside the chain! The reason is: blog batch to maintain a group of so updated quickly if you have time to connect all the blogs together then the power of this blog community is very strong in addition to mass information on the blog as long as your information is not impermissible content And it's not a quick release. So these blogs are usually rarely blocked in such a way can be stable outside the chain so to do outside the chain this should be said to be a very good publicity after the stable interconnection The speed of the update is also very fast for the site in order to add a snapshot of the chain to enhance the weight is a good way to release information when you can add anchor text effect increased by 30%.

Forum mass defects do not like the mass of people too much to visit the forum hate ads too many people so your ads relative to see people are relatively few people to see unless you are interested in the product people this type of mass is not suitable to do outside the chain reason is the first if this forum you mass ads do not give you delete so this forum is basically a garbage forum you want to give you a little outside the chain that It's a very difficult thing to do, so it's pretty quick to delete your information. In turn, the forum is very good to delete is very fast but generally popular is relatively high on the forum the crowd mostly young people and plenty of time so the forum mass is very suitable to do the net to earn this type and Amoy this type even if you delete as long as the forum's popularity can Then there are still a lot of people see as long as you are the product for them so you can receive a good result after mass.

Mass mailing this type of mass should be the most garbage operation means first of all now the mass need to use the platform's forwarding efficiency rather low first mass mail need to find mail It's a waste of time, and it's a very low success rate. In addition, people who receive letters rarely see direct pull black increase costs but not ideal is not very recommended to operate unless your product is and blessing! Think that people have the curiosity to see this information will be interested in the other industries can take to the customer can be more suitable for the mail in front of the really did not find.

Business Yellow Pages This type I feel is not suitable for personal use is very suitable for business reasons is the speed of the release of this type of mass is generally not easy to be deleted in addition a lot of snapshots of the site is very fast, so in many cases more than 30 hours in the Baidu can find a faster speed can be only up to 10 hours and then another is You have a lot of products such as hundreds of-like dozens of, so the case you are not in your own website on the keywords of these products to do Baidu go up so that the use of business yellow pages such a form so good deal with such as a product mass 1000 10,000 so this information as long as one or two can be on the Baidu home page then you have hundreds of products linked to the thousands of keywords in the Baidu home page The effect is SEO do not out of the effect of publishing the information to unify your corporate website links in turn for the visibility of corporate sites in the promotion of traffic in the promotion of the link in the promotion is very suitable for corporate network marketing Products This A type of enterprise use is not very suitable for individuals this type of bulk cost is generally higher than a little more than doing search engine promotion is still very small.

The above three types of mass are the early days when their own use of some means the most promising means is the business yellow pages because there are more opportunities to release products on the commercial platform to change the use of the number of changes to choose one of your own more appropriate means to operate to remind some friends for the outside chain To do black chain black chain is a kind of Baidu is a more annoying form in the initial time can get a good ranking but the black chain is removed also soon as long as you do not timely to make up so your ranking will soon disappear and will be down right.

Do not do in the use of software do not have to choose a good bit of software do not choose those cracked version or outdated version of the effect is not good another is to limit the is more like someone else's website set some things and your software did not update the new release success rate is very low some software also bundled with Trojans and so on.

Software is a penny of a penny find a good. • Use the software before you can find the software in Baidu's negative news to see how the software other people's evaluation of how the function is suitable for you to better use him. If you have time to manually register business information manually to register blog effect is very good.

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