The field of Web site navigation may still be brewing a new competitive battle

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China's Internet through more than 10 spring and autumn development, has become more and more popular, the industry market more and more mature. The internet to People's life style brought about by the total subversion also reflected in the Internet industry in order to compete for users set off a field without gun smoke war. The development of the network brings people more new experience and more efficient and convenient life. More impetus to the development of the Internet economy. Enumerate the domestic Internet experience several times without the smoke of the big stations, the site navigation field of the war has never ended, even after the recession, but vertical vertical development potential has yet to be excavated, the current Web site navigation may still be brewing a new battle of competition.

Baidu stops cooperative search for holding mode

The source said that Baidu had decided to terminate its cooperation with the Web site navigation station years ago, and the formal implementation will begin in March. The navigation station, which has not renewed its contract with Baidu, has officially terminated its cooperation on March 1. "The site, which is not yet due, will stop after the contract expires," the source said. ”

A website webmaster to Sohu It confirmed that it had in October last year to the Baidu Alliance submitted to join the application, but Baidu to the site to the quality of the navigation station is not high.

The source said that after the cessation of promotional cooperation, Baidu will have the option to retain only three to four home day search volume at more than tens of millions of navigation stations, and will require the acquisition and holding mode to operate.

Baidu has the earliest domestic web site navigation website hao123, in 2004 to buy about 50 million yuan. Through its browser home page of more than TENS model, hao123 Baidu to bring the search flow, but also quickly become other sites to promote one of the effective entry.

According to Baidu's latest reported earnings, Baidu as part of the revenue cost of the flow of mergers and acquisitions costs 201.9 million yuan, accounting for about 16% of the total quarterly income. It is not possible to calculate the traffic cost data obtained from the website navigation station at present.

Mainstream site navigation major stations early development, the user base is stable, relying on resource advantages, relatively stable flow. and due to the lowering of the threshold, as well as Web site navigation station easy to set up the reasons, copying the mainstream Web site navigation station and the emergence of small and medium-sized Web site navigation station has sprung up. Because there is no own characteristics, can not find a new profit model, hao123,265,114 monopoly Advantage has not been broken. There are professionals in the industry said site navigation stations are everywhere, the real money of a few, is not valuable. Indeed, the myth of the hao123 and 265 created by Xingping and Cai is hard to replicate. That year's hao123,265 can be said to be a specific period of time under the specific circumstances of the special navigation station, to meet the primary Internet users looking for access to the needs of the portal, has achieved great success. The economic saying goes: "The more competition, the more enter." Web site navigation Station The success of the year brought more competitors, resulting in flooding and similarities, there are countless small and medium-sized navigation sites in the struggling operation, but every day there are still new Web site navigation Station was born, involved in the competition of the "Red Sea." Web site Navigation Station The market seems to have a magic, and constantly attract people.

The site uses its own navigation station. NET program to design and develop the Web program independently, in addition to the common Web site navigation station should be the factors, but also for users to improve the user experience, the page left the clock beautiful, creative simple, but not yet practical, plus the left a series of common life query gadgets, convenient for users, but also improve the user experience. 7845 Site Navigation also has a senior operations team in the rear to provide support, at present, the Web site navigation includes music, video, games, software, shopping, sports and related to the Internet users of the industry, as far as possible to ensure a comprehensive collection, in addition to the name of the site, for some excellent small and medium sites are included as far as possible. The current Web site traffic is considerable, Alexa rankings continue to rise, by virtue of their own efforts to operate, 7845 Web site navigation has become a large number of Web site navigation leader of the Dark Horse, its success indicates that the Web site navigation station will be another upsurge of competition.

Big money operation is not suitable for small and medium-sized websites, and now the form of crazy to throw money may not be able to achieve results. URL navigation Station Only choose a good domain name, good procedures, innovative thinking, improve the user experience, improve the function of the site, in the rich content at the same time, strengthen the cooperation between the industry, netting the advantages of resources, the aggregation of users to the direction of the development of vertical industry, in order to find a suitable for the current form of Web site navigation characteristics of

Baidu spends money but is diverted by the navigation website flow

Talking about Baidu, a long-term and Baidu, Google to maintain close cooperation in the well-known navigation station webmaster Zhang Sohu It analysis said, in fact, Baidu from the beginning is to "contradictions" of the psychological and Web site navigation station to promote cooperation.

Baidu originally to the website navigation profit is compelled. We are very experienced, this money he gave very unpleasant, not only unhappy, very painful. Mr. Zhang said, "This is basically a bullet to their own enemy, to capture their city." With his money, his position constantly reduced, hao123 before the flow of time dive, let Baidu is very annoyed. ”

According to Mr. Zhang estimates, 99% of the navigation station traffic is achieved by locking the home page. "And these user's homepage, originally very possibly is hao123 or Baidu's homepage." This is the Baidu to spend money to cultivate web site to tamper with the original site of the contradictory mentality. ”

According to Sohu it obtains from the internal data to show, hao123 and so on website navigation Station Recent traffic has continued to decline. "For navigation sites, if you can not continue through the software bundle, occupy the user home and other ways to supply lost traffic, it will lose the value of the entrance." Mr. Zhang said.

Baidu's move is actually stone. "Mr. Zhang thinks," no longer spend the flow cost to train the killer, at the same time through the holding large navigation website to achieve control of the Web site navigation market purposes. ”

Analysts expect Baidu to stop collaborating with the site's navigation station as an opportunity for other search-engine alliances, but cannot pose a threat to Baidu because of several other market shares.

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