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With the release of WordPress3.0, more and more friends intend to use WordPress to build their own web site, including enterprise users. Some time ago there is a promotion of low-carbon concept of the association's friends to find me for their website design a theme, while the integration of BuddyPress as a member of their website Exchange platform, while the production side to think about more or less the accident, WordPress in the domestic application degree than imagined that a lot more extensive. After the site was built, there are also many users to ask me about the choice of WordPress host, especially foreign host, so take advantage of the great opportunity to flourish in WordPress, research and collation of some foreign host data, the following will be introduced in detail, The first choice of 5 foreign WordPress host situation, temporarily ignore media temple this kind of aristocratic host, who all know they are very good quality is not it, in addition to hope this article can give users more choices and references.

1. HostGator

The reason why the first recommendation Hostgator, is because is always running on the Hostgator, from the experience, at least I have contacted some foreign host, in the domestic visit the fastest, and most stable, running more than a year, almost no problem. But Hostgator's purchase is a bit of a hassle, their review is quite strict, I have used live chat and their customer service consulting, buy their host, need identity audit, there are two ways, the first is the telephone audit, the second is to send ID scan pictures to their confirmation, because of this threshold, Many domestic users can not buy and use to Hostgator host, but in another aspect is also a good thing, will not have a lot of Chinese to play the edge of the site, so the chance of being a wall is very small. However, the price is very expensive, specifically want to test the speed of hostgator, you can reopen to see.

Hostgator official website:

2. Bluehost

Bluehost is my two days just bought, open speed than the establishment on the Hostgator site slightly slower, because the use of time is not long, stability itself has not fully realized, but learned that the famous Wpchina is running on the Bluehost, I am often to this site , in view of this reason, can support a large number of visits to the site stable operation for several years of the host, the stability should not be bad. Bluehost the same support for WordPress is perfect, and support the user to enable SSH, for people who feel that the use of FTP management files in the country is not fast enough for users, SSH function is really a good solution, you can fairly quickly support remote deployment, However, additional mail is required to apply for the opening. It is worth reminding, when you open the Bluehost homepage, do not be infinite space unlimited flow description of the excessive infection, in fact, the CPU has the same limit, occupy resources too, will still be closed site, so not suitable for video, audio, picture download site, But if you plan to use Bluehost to write a blog, do content-type website, even if the day IP 10,000 or so, is also peaceful.

Bluehost Official website:

3. Wpwebhost

Wpwebhost may be unfamiliar to us, this is a focus on WordPress as the main service provider, their main feature is that the same as the cost of other hosts, but can be additional to their free WordPress technical support, assist you to solve the difficulties and problems in the process of WordPress construction Station, Wpwebhost said that he has 2-3 years of use, customization and Hack WordPress experience, they use WordPress built many sites, modified and customized a lot of WordPress Plugins and themes, so any technical issues related to WordPress can be solved. So choose their host service, also get the WordPress technical support. This can be seen from their names.

Wpwebhost Official website:

4. sugarhosts

This is a very soon established British host service provider, however, it is said that the founder of the Chinese people, they attach great importance to the domestic market, perhaps to stare at the domestic environmental restrictions in the past few years, the host support Alipay payment, and the price is quite cheap, from the data to see the cost-effective or very high, but only a little bit of traffic, But for the general blog users is still quite worth a try, online on the host's positive evaluation more, at present I have a Web site running on the above for several months, the overall still relatively stable, but there are two times down, but soon recovered. If your budget is not very high, and in the initial stage, Sugarhosts is a good starting point.

Sugarhosts Official website:

5. Justhost

Ethically host is also a foreign emerging host, headquartered in the United Kingdom, Australia has an office, the data center is located in the United States Illinois State Chicago. Although it is a new host, but also in foreign countries are relatively well received by users. The ethically host host program provides free domain names that allow you to use your own Chanel account to support e-business features. At the same time ethically host also provides a variety of specialized hosts, and allows users to customize according to their needs.

The reason why Justhost is recommended because of his stability, a friend of the women's fashion web site on the run a long time after the reflection, Justhost is still quite stable, but the speed is very general, the pursuit of stability-oriented friends can consider this host, and the price and sugarhosts the same, belong to the lower, most WordPress users can afford to start.

Justhost Official website:

The above recommendation is for reference only, if there is any good host also want to communicate with each other. If the choice of host program or not too much thinking, welcome to email to my mailbox, I can help you analyze and recommend some suitable for your program.


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